Wednesday, February 6, 2008



TheVasquez3 said...

i really like this snap! fishing and little boys just seem to go together! right?!

Terri said...

Just what boys love to do. Did he catch anything?

Rebekah said...

I could go for some of that. Looks relaxing

livin with me said...

What a great picture. He looks so peaceful!

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Chelle' said...

I have a picture that is here in our home somewhere of Brenden when he was 3 fishing with his grandpa. Your picture has made me want to find ours. :0)

Oh- as for Hannah Montana... your girls will probably love the day out with mom though my guess is Meghan will not be nearly as enthrawled as Kylee was. :)

Tickets are 15 and can be bought at the window (so long as you are not in a sell out area like NYC). Our theater had plenty of extra seats available at the 7pm show last night.

Take pictures...and take Grace to make a "Bunny Boo" too... I really enjoyed the time with K-girl last night.

Talk to you soon.

Mari said...

That is a classic shot - I love it.

HIS daughter said...


Hi, I have a really silly question. Did you leave a comment somewhere on my blog? I thought I saw something in my inbox when I clicked on it and now I can't find it and I'm thinking...did I dream this?
I saw the only "Joanne" name on the LPM blog so I am taking a shot at it.
If it's not you...I'm sorry, but hi and blessings anyway!

Mel's World said...

How sweet is that??? What a great picture!


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