Friday, February 15, 2008

How Hard Are You Looking???

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

While driving my son David to school, he pointed out a cat sleeping on the roof of a neighbors house. I was not only amused but once again amazed at my sons' ability to see things that most people do not see. David is our child that can find a needle in a haystack. This gift has been used to our family's advantage. Lost car keys...ask David. Lost permission slip...get David to help. Missing a shoe...David can find it. When we are out in a rural setting, David shows us bugs and animals that we would never ever have seen on our own.

"David, you should be some type of special investigator or detective when you grow up." I told him while turning our car onto the freeway. "Why do you say that mom?" He curiously asked. "You just have such a gift of seeing things that no one else has the ability to see." I told him. He surprised me by his relaxed reply. "Mom, anybody could see the things I see...they just don't look hard enough."

His response reminded me of God's words in Jeremiah 29:13, "And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with ALL your heart." The word seek means to diligently inquire, to pursue, to search from place to place or to hunt. God promises that we will find Him if we look for Him with all of our heart, with more than a casual glance in His direction. If we purposely fix our gaze to see and believe, He is waiting for the opportunity to show His hand in our lives. There is a saying, "Is seeing believing? No, believing is seeing." Only then will see God in ways that our imaginations couldn't begin to dream.

How hard are your looking for Jesus in your life today? Are you seeking Him like a bird dog on a hunt? Or, are you taking a casual glance at His word in between phone calls and shuttling kids from one place to another? Let today be the day that you diligently seek and pursue Him. Make a conscious effort to look for the Lord in anything and everything that may come your way. Open your eyes my friends...then stand in awe of the God who loves you and watch our all powerful God at work!

I think David said it best, "Mom, anybody could see the things I see...they just don't look hard enough."


LaskiGal said...

What amazing insight. So,so wise.

Chelle' said...

Wow. In case you weren't aware... you REALLY have the gift of writing. You share insight and wisdom with eloquence and brevity of speech.

I feel like I am reading a Lucado or Moore Devotional when I read posts like this one.

Thank you sharing this today. I will make it a point to "Seek Him like a dog on a hunt" today. :0)

Rebekah said...

such a true statement. Full of wisdom, that kid is

Fran said...

I want to be a dog on a hunt!!!

Beth said...

What a wonderful post! Thanks for the reminder to always be searching for God.

Mari said...

I love his response too! I also love the way you wrote about it, it adds a whole new meaning. Great post!

Amy Wyatt said...

So true! I enjoyed this post very much. Your son sounds very perceptive.

Cherdecor said...

Nice analogy! I liked this a lot! I want to look for Him with my WHOLE heart too.

Mel's World said...

WOW...that is some amazing insight for such a young man. He is right on though...we all have the ability to see God in the big and small things each and every day, it is up to us whether or not we take the time to "really see" Him.

Well said!

SharonB said...

A wonderful reminder!


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