Wednesday, June 25, 2008

He Speaks - She Believes

"Why am I here?" "I don't belong here Lord." "What is it that you need to tell me in North Carolina that you couldn't have told me in California?" "Did I mention yet that I don't belong here?"

These questions were my constant dialogue between the Lord and me while I was at She Speaks.

At least all day Friday.

I was scheduled for two publishers appointments on Saturday. So many gals weren't able to get one at all, let alone two. After speaking with one of the teachers on a class I took on pitching your book idea to a publisher, she encouraged me that I didn't have a book, but rather an article and not to pitch my book at all. I was so discouraged. I felt guilty taking the spots from other women who did have a chance at a book. I tried to offload my meeting times with two different gals I met there who shared their disappointment in not getting time with a publisher. They said they'd get back to me, so I told them which room I was staying in just in case they wanted to contact me later.

Before bed I called my husband Paul and told him that I really didn't have a book idea after all, just an article. I told him what the teacher had told me earlier. He asked me, "Did God tell you not to pitch your book?" "Well, no." I replied. "Joanne, it's not an accident that you are there. Take advantage of what God has put before you and pitch your book idea." His words encouraged me. After listening to Lysa Terkeurst share how her first book was rejected fifteen times, well, I was scared to death. I surely wasn't looking forward to being rejected for the first and second time in my short lived writing career.

I prayed in my hotel room alone that morning, surrendering my goals and desires for His. I told the Lord that if today was a day that I would be rejected, then I would do it with joy for Him.

At 9:00am and 6:00pm I walked up the grand staircase above, in obedience to whatever He had already planned for my life, for the first time I went in and spoke with publishers, women from Howard Publishing and Harvest House Publishing.

When each publisher reached across the table to hand me their personal business card, I ran back down those stairs, and out the hotel doors to call my family and friends. (Not easy to do in backless heels). Just like Charlie in the chocolate factory when he runs back home to show Grandpa Joe his prized golden ticket, I was thrilled.

They both want me to send in a book proposal at the end of the summer.

Just like Renee Swope shared with her message about shadows of doubt...they are already starting to creep in.

But I have to remind myself of what Lysa said on Friday evening.

Where God calls, God equips.

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45


Leigh Ishee said...


You are such an encouragement! God is going to use you in big ways. He already is. I hope one day we can meet in person.

Love in Christ,


Chelle' said...


as in BOTH!!

Technically ALL!!!


Publishers at the She Speaks conference want YOUR book proposal...

You're soo very good God.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Congratulations!!! That is so wonderful! I'm glad you listened to your husband and God!

Renee Swope said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your story. Please, please, please email your address. God wants to give you His promise, His Word for you. I will pray over the verses we still have, and ask Him to give yours to me to send to you.

I think about Gideon again and how the Lord sent a messenger to Gideon when he was hiding in the winepress. He sent an angel of the Lord to speak the truth and call Gideon out of His doubt so he could fulfill God's calling on His life. Now, I am no angel, but I want to be a messenger of the Lord for you my friend.

Waiting for your snail mail...


Renee Swope said...

Whoops, forgot my email. It's

Fran said...

Go Joanne Go!! I'm cheering, praying, encouraging you my friend.

Hugs and blessings,

Joyful said...

Joanne, just wanted to send a word of encouragement. I read your comment on Renee's blog. Don't be discouraged my friend, God has wonderful plans in store for you. Speaking as one who has camped in the valley of Doubt often, don't go there! Claim His Word. Remember His promises. He will bring it to pass. Let God bring every thought captive as you keep your mind fixed on Him.

I was going to share/give my verse to you, but I see Renee is going to send you one - even better! Praying already that it will be exactly what God desires your heart to believe and receive. Would love to hear the God story of the verse He sends you.


Mari said...

How exciting is that! Just hang on to the promise that God will equip you - He already has!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

What poignant words God sent you through your beloved husband. I can so see myself in you...taking the advice of a "teacher" and being devastated. Then, for God to intervene and basically profoundly say "that is not what IIII told you." Just think if you hadn't followed in obedienced. You'd never know how God would fulfill and provide.

AlaneM said...

Wow Joanne, that is so exciting!! I understand about the doubts. Seems like every time I make a decision or start something new they attack & mulitply like bacteria.

I've been a bit behind on blogging so I'm not commenting on each post but I want to say it looks like you had a blast & I'm so happy for you. And that Southern food? Oh baby, there's just nothing like it!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

If you want, email me about your proposal and we can encourage one another. I've finished mine and would love to bounce ideas off of one another if you'd like.

So glad that you listened to your husband and to your God!


ElizabethMThompson said...


I am so glad that Paul spoke truth to you in the midst of doubt. What a wonderful ally! One of my favorite quotes is "A true friend knows the song in your heart and sings it to you when you forget the words."

Where would we be without those people in our lives?

Can I hijack this post for the Inspire blog?



Megan said...

I'm so so happy for you-- that you were able to attend the conference AND about the book!! I absolutely loved the post about the food too. It makes me want to go there right now to try all those amazing delights! Welcome home~*

Starr said...

I can't WAIT to buy your book!!! I just know it will be in print some day soon!
I really think you are my long lost sister because I just posted on my blog about being fully equipped and then come over here and read this!! I swear, if you move to NC we will drink sweet tea together and eat buttered grits every mornin'!

I love ya,

Kathy S. said...

Hi I am sorry I missed meeting you. I enjoyed hopping over her from I dunno where! I had been asking the Lord to help me meet up with Angie that evening (you holding the roll) and I turned around and there she was! So I went and hugged her and chatted.

I enjoyed reading of your experience!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Yes, for those God calls, He equips.

Thankful to know you stepped out by faith.


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