Friday, June 27, 2008

The South vs. The, uh the West

I thought you might enjoy the post that my sweet Southern friend Teresa at Livin' the Wood Life recently posted about my desires to be a Southern girl. She made a point to rub my California nose in the fact that I have no chance whatsoever of being from the South, period.

As a born and bred California girl, there are a few myths that need to be broken:

For the record, I have never ridden a surfboard in my life.

I don't know any movie stars.

I am not a size 2.

And...Arnold Schwarzenneger will always be the Terminator to me.

I do admit that this California girl needs me some soy milk with my Starbuck's and enjoys a sweetened green tea every once in awhile. My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe's where they have no preservatives in anything. I do try and keep my skin out of the sun and make it a point to exercise at least yearly.

Looks like I'm destined to be a Yankee no matter how hard I try.

Well Teresa, maybe I don't want to be a part of your us four and no more, Southern girls club!

(Ok, but I admit, I do want to be invited to ALL of your gatherings where food is involved.)

Ok blog I the only wannabe Southern gal out here?

Anyone dare to admit they want to live in California...anyone....Bueller...Bueller?


Teresa said...

For the record....there are 9 of us, not 4 of us. I mean 4 would be too exclusive. : )

And, I'm sorry you're taking your yankeeness so hard. Look on the bright side. California has given us lots of great things. Like tofu, earthquakes & Paris Hilton. So hold your head up high!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Your comment about Arnold always being The Terminator to you was funny. Maybe my tired brain smile this morning.

No desires to live in California but would love to visit several parts of it. I live in southern Indiana so does that count as a southerner? I wouldn't mind living in the warmer climate of Florida with the beautiful waters but I just couldn't live through the stress and wonderingn of a hurricane. No thank you. I think I stay right here in my central, midwest parts.

Angie said...

Honey-pie. YOU can too be a southern girl! I "pwomise" as my zackary would say! You just might have to adjust a few "thinking" things. Like for instance...instead of going to "Trader Joe's" you'd go out back to your garden...pick your own. But that's the FUN part!
So, YES you can be a just have to like "heat", much sweating...even in the winter months, and mosquitos. Oh, love bugs too. But you get the rewards of sweet tea, red velvet cake---and if you lived close to me...Peanut Butter Cake! YUM!!!

Mari said...

I don't want to live in California, but I'd like to visit. I know there are some awesome people living there!

Becoming Me said...

I've lived in the South for 13 years, but my husband (GA born and bred) says I'll always be a Yankee.

Genny said...

Such a cute post! I've never ridden a surfboard, and I don't know any stars either!

Starr said...

I still think you have the heart of a southern sweet and all!!

I have always wanted to visit California. Now that I have a friend out there....maybe I will someday. Gives me a good reason. Got room for me and my gang?

I'll have to wait until I win that good ole' southern NC education lottery, though! Might be hard since I never have bought a lottery ticket! LOL!

Love ya,

AlaneM said...

I prefer to think of myself as a northwesterner rather than a yankee - it just sounds better ;)

Chelle' said...

I am not from the south and not from the west... I am indeed a yankee.

But this yankee celebrates her affection for sweet tea, stars and bars, and everything fried JUST as those southerners do!!

Oh... and I too need me some soy in my Starbucks... which is why I like you so- :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Southern is a location, but far more than location, southern is a state of mind. And I am of the mind that Mayberry can be found on the coast of the Pacific as well as the Atlantic. Maybe not sweet tea...maybe not vinegar barbeque, but I bet there's a whole lot of sweet southern livin' and breathin, within the parameters of the tender souls of God's California girls.

You're welcome here, friend. But I bet that God can use your particulars, in particular your southern thoughts, to stir the hearts of those who think that we live on another planet.


Jonatha said...

I am a southern gal through and through - which is why our northern living lasted only one short year - how can anyone live someplace without sweet tea and grits? Not to mention our ridiculous accents and true hospitality! ;) I was raised to always say ma'am, sir, and y'all - but those words tend to get strange looks in yankee country! ;) But I'd love to vacation there any day of the week! You have hope - because you actually like our southern things!

Jess said...

Well, coming from one of those dad-blasted "Damn Yankees" (the ones who come and don't leave) - I'll just say: The grass is always greener. And leave it at that. It ain't always 'all that and a bowl of gravy', in my opinion. I'd sooner be called Yankee than Southern Belle any day of the week.
But, that's just me.



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