Sunday, July 6, 2008

Friends are Friends Forever, dah dah dah dah dah

You all know that song by Michael W. Smith right?

"Friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the Lord of them..."

I am beginning to write a new song in honor of the weekend my son had at my best friend Celia's house this weekend. I am going to title it:

"Friends are friends forever unless their son barfs in their car..."

My teenage son has been waiting for four years to fish with his Uncle Bob, this would be my best friend, Auntie Celia's hubby. The anticipated fishing weekend began on Friday evening with a stressed out call from Celia asking my husband if our darling son ever shut up. My dear childless friend and her husband have a vacation home that they come up to on weekends. It's a short hop and a skip down the road from our house to theirs.

Have I mentioned yet that my friend has never had kids?

Just this weekend while standing and smiling on her white carpet, she asked me why we don't bring up the family to their place more often.


She has already forgotten the first time we all came over and our youngest got his head stuck in their deck railing.

Auntie Celia (as my four children love to call her) has the same problem with my children as I do with little puppies. They are all just darlin until you have to take care of them.

So now you'll understand why I laughed out loud when I overheard my husband talking to Celia over the phone yesterday. The call went kinda like this...

Paul: Hi Celia.

Silence, long pause...

Paul: Really, oh boy, I'm so sorry.

Silence, longer pause.

Paul: Sure, you can just bring him home.

Silence, even longer pause.

Paul: Yes, there's an all service car wash right by our house.

(Paul is squinting his eyes, trying not to laugh while talking)

Paul: We will be home in a few, go ahead and just drop him off.

And just like a puppy, my teenage son barfed in their car.


Mari said...

Oh no! This reminds me of the time I had to go to a seminar for work that was 2 hours away from home and 2 days long. My dear sister Cheri agreed to watch my kids who were quite young then. When I brought them over her son had been sick and by the next day 2 of mine were vomiting. Did I ever owe her for that one! She's pretty good though - she still loves them - and me too!
Hope the rest of your family stays healthy!

Cheri said...

Oh no! I have to say- it would be horrible to have that happen in your car! It's so hard to get that smell out.
Hope no one else gets it!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That's hilarious...not for her and her car but the story itself.
You gave us a good story and good laugh the way you presented it.

Lacey in the Sky said...

Thank you for your message Joanne. I am still having a really difficult time with everything, but we are in contact and he is actually doing his best to remain my best friend and hear my fears and sadness - while still taking the time he feels we need. Only time and God will tell. Thank you for sharing your story with me, it sounds like you have been very blessed in life - even though you've had hardships. I hope god blesses you again today in some small way for sharing with me :)

Amy said...

Oh no!!! That's what friends are for, right? lol I hope he is well now.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Linda said...

Sorry to your sweet friend but I am laughing out loud. Hope your teen feels better soon.

Chelle' said...

Painful. And yet Hilarious!

I know how you feel though. My dear friend Michelle had just gotten new carpet in her livingroom and invited us over to her house for spaghetti of all things.

They have two children and we have three so since we'd be putting them all in the same room in the middle of winter we did a health check. Everyone seemed perfectly fine... even our middle child, who at the time was nicknamed, "Cyrus the Virus"* (by these very friends)

Anyway, 10 minutes after "Cyrus's" THIRD helping of spaghetti... he walked into the livingroom, said, "Mom", (as if some important information followed) and then he hurled... EVERYWHERE.

Only friends tell you it's OK when you know darn well it's not!!

*Disclaimer... those episodes of hurling that caused Beet to be nicknamed "Cyrus the virus" were actually caused by random bouts of intestinal blockage which ended up being rectified with surgery days after his third birthday. Poor thing...

A Stone Gatherer said...

UGH!!!! That would be awful! Like cheri said, that would be a real hard smell to get out of your car! Kind of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the valet had BO!

Shelly said...

At least I think you are seeing some humor in that. Too bad for ceila to have to clean it. Fun Fun!


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