Monday, March 9, 2009

Help! They talk too much.

No one ever warned me before I had kids, how mentally exhausting it would be. Where was that bit of advice during my four baby showers? Yes, I admit it, quite often when my kids are chattering like a bunch of wild parakeets, I push the ignore button. Cmon' ladies, you moms know exactly what I'm talking about. The ignore button is a safety mechanism that all mothers receive after giving birth.

I made the mistake of paying close attention to what my children were saying the other day. I thought I would share a few snippets of what I heard.

"Whose spoon is in the bathtub?"

"Don't burp in my face!"

"What if Dad were small enough to fit in the grooves under my shoes?"

"Why is there an orange in my purse?"

"When smoke starts coming out of that hole, turn it off."

Pardon me, while I hit the ignore button and go back to my happy place.


momstheword said...

Yes, what mama don't know won't hurt! I once asked my mom "Where were you when we grew up?" because we did a couple of dangerous things (like digging an underground fort in the backyard or swimming in the river) that she didn't know about, lol! Sometimes I still don't want to know what my kids are talking about, lol!

Lisa writes... said...

Kids do say the funniest things!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I think I'd be scared about the last one. Very curious about dad fitting in the crevis of one's shoes...hmmm. spoon in the bathroom. Makes me think of the time I found a popsicle stick in the bathroom. I had called hubby the next day when I noticed it in my morning shower. I had to tell him he could hide no longer from me. It was the cutest thing. I invisioned him eating it while the water cooled his body after mowing.

Jennifer said...

I am here to tell you I can so relate with that!

Rhonda Azari said...
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Barbara said...

OMG, I love your site....I am a new blogger and stumbled on your site by way of the friend of a friend. I have been so blessed the last 20 minutes or so. You have an amazing look at things......your 100 things was great....I saw a lot of things I totally agreed with. Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. I am new at this and have a lot to learn..its great to find sites like yours. If you have a chance visit me is a work in progress (both of them) Have a blessed week

Anonymous said...

my 2 year old talks! i wonder who he gets that from? ignore? never!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm sure that my kids have spoken volumes of important material over the past week, but I've heard very little of it. After 20 years of listening, I've grown quite adept at "selective hearing."



LisaShaw said...

With a daughter in her twenties and one in her mid teens I can concur with Elaine -- "selective hearing". (smile).

Bless you sister.

Barbara said...

There is something waiting for you on my blog...I hope I have done it correctly....Thanks

Jaclyn said...

Sorry, I'm kind of a slow-poke at responding to blog comments lately! No, the grandma that died was Mike's grandma. My grandma is the one who lives up in EDH by you. She actually just had a scare and ended up in the turned out to be nothing too serious, but oh my, I don't know what I'd do without her! And yes, I have no idea how people can go through life's trials and the whole death thing without knowing Christ. Hope all is well with you!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I'm with you!


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