Friday, October 2, 2009

Football Widows Unite!

Does anyone else lose their husbands through the month of January? With the fall season comes football season. For the next three months I will carry on one-sided conversations with the back of Paul's head, and on a good day hear an occasional grunt from the family room.

I came home recently to find my husband hunkered down amidst a spider web of cords and cables. To get to him I had to pull a Tom Cruise-Mission Impossible move and scale our ceiling.

He had somehow found enough cord to hook up the game in our TV-less home. You would have thought he was six-years-old on Christmas morning and found a pony under the tree.

I opened up my fridge yesterday to discover a drum of salsa, the size of an oil barrel. A clear sign that football season has arrived.

So, in honor of all of us wives who become husbandless until Super Bowl, and for all of us women who actually LOVE salsa and a pigskin right along with our men, I've included an interview Dr. James Dobson did with Coach Tony Dungy today on the Focus on the Family radio show. I think you'll enjoy it.

Cmon' widows UNITE! Let me hear you shout!!!

Are you ready for some football?!?

TONY DUNGY - Stepping away from the common life.


Denise said...

I actually watch football with my lovebug, screaming at my favorite teams. During halftime, and commercials, we tackle each other, lol

summur braley said...

I feel ya ! Only my husband loves both, college and NFL! So lets try to make it through the season :)

The Real Me! said...

Okay, I know this is going to be a shocker but my husband can't stand sitting for that long for anything. He'd rather be outside doing something else. I am actually the one that enjoys football but since I'd rather be with my husband, I end up outside too! LOL
But the salsa sounds really good right now!

Denise @ A Sacred Longing said...

This was hilarious! I learned early on in our marriage I was to be a NFL "widow" one season every year. I even wrote a paper about it in college! Got an A!

I have to tell you my husband about ran in the room when he heard the music playing! :o) Boy, was he disappointed!


Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

No football widow here. My son teases his dad that mom's fanhood is better than his! We have tickets to 3 Giants games this year! woo hoo!!

a portland granny said...

In our family the boys all migrate to Eugene or Corvallis to watch their former colleges play--but it doesn't really affect me unless they are absent when we have family gatherings, then I see the 'hold' this stuff has over them--football over family!!

Remember, it could be worse....

Angie said...

I just LOVE hearing from you...this way and other ways :)

I can hardly wait for the next couple of weeks to PASS!!!!!

JUST think! My favorite writer/comedian will be IN MY HOUSE!!!!

AND she looks seriously cute in a sweater!!!

Karen said...

LOL...this was cute...neither my husband or myself love football, unless our grandson is playing...but we both love salsa!

Faith Imagined said...

This makes me so thankful that my husband isn't too interested in football!

Jennifer said...

Not only does my hubby love football but he is also a hunter...

christy rose said...

I am hearing you loud and clear! :)

Shermanators said...

Oh, I have to admit I join in on the craziness! One of my favorite things about fall is Football! :) Though, all day Sunday AND Monday night is a little much, esp when it interferes with House!! :)


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