Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's Your Pet Peeve?

Do you have any pet peeves? I have quite a few. Rachelle Gardner asked this same question a few days ago but with a twist. I thought I'd play along. Plus, you are such a neat group of gals, I just know you'll make me hoot n' holler.

Lets see, where to start? I'll just give you a few. Don't want you to know just how many I have.

* Women in grocery stores who park their carts in the middle of the aisle and walk away.

* People who make a mistake and can't admit it.

* Commercials and TV shows where children are smarter than their parents.

* Parents who feel compelled to be their kids social directors.

* People who call the police and want to remain anonymous.

* Adults who still blame their parents.

* Churches who feel compelled to fun-up their faith and dumb-down God's Word.

* Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

* Purses that eat pens and dryers that eat socks.

But, hands down, my biggest pet peeve of all time is when I finally sit down to eat after making plates for my own family - inevitably I am asked for a bite of my sandwich, a sip of my drink, or a taste of my chips.

I videotaped this phenomena and have posted it for you below for your viewing pleasure. This is my husband and I trying to eat fish. My children are the ones in white with the long beaks, er, uh...noses.


Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oooo...those were some good ones. Also some that I have!!! ;) Good ones! tho!

Jess said...

~ Wearing sunglasses indoors. I don't care who you are... you're not that cool.

~ Being obnoxious in the movie theater. If you want to talk on the phone or file your nails... watch the movie at home.

~ Driving w/ hazard lights on in pouring rain. I'm already trying to place where you are in relation to me on the road and with the lines on the road, don't make me play hide and seek!

~ Slowing down to get onto the interstate.

The literary ones:

~ You're / Your (and the likes)
~ Supposedly / Supposably
~ Couldn't care less / Could care less

... for starters... :)

Mari said...

Good ones - although I have to admit to leaving my cart in the aisle occasionally, but only if the aisle is clear and I'm just moving a few feet away.
- I'm also bothered by tv shows and commercials that always make men look stupid and their wives the smarter half.
- rude people!
- kids being obnoxious whose mothers are smiling, thinking how cute said kids are.

summur braley said...

Great ones. Especially the churches being seeker friendly.
Thanks for the Nemo clip, my daughter loved it.
When I sit down to eat my baby crys.
I also don't like all the dark stuff in pop culture right now.
Oh and mean people!
Thanks it feels good to say them!

The Real Me! said...

Oh I can relate to your peeves and the clip of Nemo hit the nail on the head! LOL

Donetta said...

Oh this is too funny! I can so relate.
Looking forward to meeting you in Florida.

Jennifer said...

I can relate to the anonymous police calls. Some "anonymous" caller kept reporting us for a barking dog. The police came 3 times every time to find our dogs inside our house not barking. They hadn't been barking either and it was getting real old real fast to have the police keep coming. They assured us that if no one was going to give a name then no action would be taken but they had to follow up on all calls. They were quickly figuring out also that it wasn't our dogs someone was hearing.
My husband and I finally took a walk and visited every house around us to see if any of our neighbors were being bothered by our dogs, who do bark (their dogs) but not for hours on end like the complaint had said. None of our neighbors said they had a problem with our dogs. But one did mention that although they didn't have a problem with them they did hear them barking for 4 hours straight the other morning when we were at church. Bingo-found our anonymous caller. That was the last complaint received by the police so how ironic that they worded it the same way the police did. We had a sick kid home that morning and I had been home all morning with them. No dog in our house had barked. We explained that to them. The calls stopped.
I want to know why they hadn't just come over and talked to us instead of getting the police involved. Very frustrating.

Lauren said...

hilarious!!!! I love that scene from Finding Nemo!!! haha well.. let's see:

- wet towels on the bed
- arrogance
- parents who discipline their children LOUDLY in public (I'm sorry, but humiliation is not an acceptable form of discipline)
- dirty laundry dropped NEXT to the hamper
- drivers who don't use their turn signal!!

That felt goood! :) Thanks for letting me vent! I few of yours were mine too (christmas, church dumbing down, grocery store) but I didn't want to steal your thunder! :)

Have a wonderful Friday!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Turning into the far lane of a double-lane road! Driver's are to turn into the closest lane. For cryin out loud.

Large unruley bushes in front of houses, particularly windows.

Your when it's intended you're.

Driving in the passing lane with no one in the slow lane but someone wanting to pass in the passing lane.

I could probably write all day if I thought about it more.

Denise said...

You crack me up.

Kristen said...

oh those were great! I cannot stand people who don't put their blinker on, that is probably one of my biggest!

Kelly said...

You have a couple of peeves on your list that I totally concur with! Especially the one about TV making the children look smarter than the adults. Another one that bothers me from TV is when a show makes the husband/dad look like a "Everybody Loves Raymond". I can't stand that!

B His Girl said...

Hi Joanne

This is funny because my friend and I were talking about birds, beaks, pelicans,cartoons and God today in a meeting. The only thing missing is a turtle. Can't wait to show her this. I think it is a message for us.
Pet Peeve...driving behind a slow poke when I am running late. I'm excited to meet you next week.
Blessings, B

Susan said...

People grocery shopping and talking on their Bluetooths! I always think they are talking to me and inevitably I try to talk to them and they look at me like I'm the crazy one!

Too funny!!

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

So funny, Joanne!
One of my pet peeves is rubber-necking. I hate it on the road. Such a waste of time. I also hate it in real life - when people rubber-neck into someone else's life - just being nosy or gossipy when it has nothing to do with the rubbernecker.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I don't have to worry about sharing my stuff. My kids never want any of what I have made... I promise!



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