Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Memories

Thanksgiving is just about over. As Mr. Tom Turkey gets ready to make his exit, it makes me a little sad. I hate endings.

But, like the words from that 80's song, "Every new beginning starts with some other beginnings end." It's time to say hello to Black Friday and the start of the Christmas season.

Any of you getting up with the early bird to shop tomorrow?

Before I say goodbye to my absolute favorite holiday, I thought I'd share a few pictures of our amazing Thanksgiving celebration.

...and by the way, I have the MOST DELICIOUS apple cake recipe EVER! What was your favorite dish this Thanksgiving?!?

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Debbie said...

I also love Thanksgiving and hate to see it end. Loved your video and yard. It looks green.

I am not going shopping but staying home today. But I enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with my husband's family. We hadn't all been together is several years so it was special.

Hugs to you,

Donetta said...

I am so glad for the great day you had.That table cloth is a wonderful tradition. I am staying home too. A play date in the afternoon will bring the tea pot out for a new neighbor (the child's mom) to get acquainted.

Denise said...

I enjoyed your video, and my thanksgiving was a blessed day. No shopping for me today.

Mari said...

Looks like you had a yummy dinner. Golden potatoes is the secret? I never heard that before.
I was crazy and went out shopping this morning. What a zoo!

Karen said...

Great pictures...looks like you all had a wonderful time...

I did my share of Black Friday shopping when I was younger, but no more...

Dressing is always my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal....


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