Friday, November 19, 2010

Bogging- He'll Never Understand

From the kitchen I could hear my husband talking to a dinner guest in our family room, "Yeah, my wife has a blog. She's a good writer, but sometimes she writes about the most trivial and mundane things. Do you see that bowl of spaghetti sitting over there? She could write about it. I'm not even kidding, she could. I just dont' get it."

If I've told him once, I've told him a million times, "Logic has no place in the blogosphere!"

It's been over three years now and I don't think Paul will ever get it. He keeps his personal thoughts about spaghetti to himself. Unless, of course, we are discussing politics-I am always his sounding board for every single one of those thoughts. That man knows way too much about the critical state of our California economy. It's depressing. I think he needs his own blog to tell you the truth.

But, I digress.

My blog is more than a place to share the mundane or trivial, it has been a sweet sanctuary from the life of a busy mom. When I was elbows to eyeballs in Pine Sol and dirty laundry, reading a witty retort or a humorous post from another mom's trivial and mundane life had the magical power to set my heart to dancing. It was an encouragement-a beautiful thing.

After 689 blog posts, this very spot has been the place where I've cut my writing-teeth. A practice point to share my heart with all of you. Now, with my book being released in a few months, I'm learning I need a brand, a focus.

Well, I'm not sure if that is at all possible. I am too eclectic to write about one topic over and over and over again. To me that screams, "Boring!" Some days I want to write about my kids, other days I want to write about my faith in God or rant about lukewarm Christianity, still other days I want to write about why peanut butter is better than chocolate.

Yes, I said it. I went there.

So, tell me this, "Why do you blog?" How has this modern day world wide connection affected your day to day experiences?

It's hopeless. My husband will never get it. He just can't appreciate the finer points of blogging.

"Oh, and by the way darling, that bowl of spaghetti over there is a tangled web of tangy tomato heaven!"


Terri Tiffany said...

LL Loved your description! I blog for the relationships it offers me and a road on this highway toward publication. Won't stop but might take a pause here and there.

katiefish <> said...

Hi Joanne, I don't blog. I probably should blog, but I fear my foot in mouth might take over. I can't keep some things in check and quite frequently need to delete unread rants. I know as soon as I post something how well received it may not be. And not for the comity, but rather for the rant. But hey, I'm all about reading yours. hugs katie <><

Chris Pedersen said...

The focus of your blog is "Joanneisms"... and we like them. If makes us smile and giggle as we read your take on life. We love how you feel it, taste it and show it so vividly.

Me, I blog to tell a story that is relevant to my life, my writing journey and dogs. Is that focus enough? ;^0

Mari said...

I think that in general men just don't get blogging! My hubby doesn't either.
I blog because of the people out there - such wonderful people I have met, like you!
I also have a photo blog just because it is fun!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm not sure why I'm still here in the blogging world... but I will say this.

If I didn't have a place to put my thoughts right now, and didn't have the daily support of so many of you all, I think I'd get all swallowed up in my four walls. I imagine that my writing will evolve over time into something more, maybe not, but for now, it's good to know I have an outlet for my words.

I'm glad you're here, whether it's spaghetti talk or kid tips or just your general wit. You make my heart smile!

Blessed weekend to you and yours.


Shelly said...

Keep blogging! People do enjoy reading your blog. No matter what the topic might be.
I blog to stay in touch with friends that are bloggers. I also like to try to meet new people and know that there are lots of different kinds of people in the world. Live life!

LisaShaw said...

Hi Joanne,

To answer your question would probably be too many words to write this evening but I will say that I'm here for as long as and only as long as the Lord wants me in blogging sharing HIM with anyone who stops in and enjoying the reading of the hearts of others who love Him too. The connection of many of the family in Christ in blogging is a blessing!

I enjoyed reading your heart this evening. Excited for what is coming for you.

Praying for you...

BARBIE said...

I blog about my walk with the Lord, what He's teaching me, hoping to offer hope and encouragement to other women. I also love the community of believers I've found through blogging.

Dawn said...

Blogging is cheap therapy, has reawakened my love for writing, and stolen many hours of my life. My blog is a second home, my vaction spot. A few readers and comments are the gravy: if what I write blesses others, all the better.

My advice: keep your husband AND your blog. We would miss you if you went away. And you'd probably go crazy without this outlet.

Blessings, sister!

Kristen @ said...

oh good post!! I blog because it is fun and I love it! I wish I blogged more but some days I just don't have anything to blog about. But people who don't blog don't understand :)

**** Bev **** said...

I LOVE this post! It is so perfect and fitting! Blogging is addictive. One leads to another, to another and so on. I have made so many 'blog' friends, learned so much about backgrounds, etc. I love being able to put my thoughts out there somewhere that my family can look back on one day. I did share this in my blog (will post tomorrow) because I think you sum it all up nicely. Love not being alone =)

bluecottonmemory said...

My husband is proud of my blog and he boasts of it every now and then. However, my oldest son just rolls his eyes (he's 24). He has never read a post but he's still so condescending. I don't think we were ever that way with his interests. If he'd just read them, he wouldn't have to hear me talk so much! LOL

katlupe said...

I started blogging because I was trying to get people to shop at my website. It has completely evolved since then to something so much more. I love it and the people I have met online from it.

Tayskye said...

again..I am so glad Redhead Riter sent me over here.. I love your style..
Congratulations on the new book coming out.

Why did I start blogging.. well, as you put it.. to cut my writing-teeth. I'm hoping that after a while, this blog will become the seed that flourished into a fantastic-amazing writing career! =)



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