Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Redhead Riter is a Stalker

Looks like I have a stalker.

Apparently, I'm being stalked by The Redhead Riter herself.

Well, Mz. Riter, it is an honor.

Anyone else out there need a stalker to call their very own?

While I fill out my restraining order, head on over to her place and comment on her Saturday Stalker post.


Mari said...

I'll go check her out! She stalked another of my blogging friends and doesn't seem too dangerous!

Amy Sullivan said...

Ohhh, ok, I'm interested. I'm heading over!

Crown of Beauty said...

Red has a head full of bright ideas and Saturday blog stalking is one of them. I do appreciate that she has chosen you for this week, Joanne. You are one blog writer that is definitely worth reading...

I'll head over now to some of the posts she has highlighted!

Be blessed...


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