Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blog Question? The Blogging Bistro Has Your Answer!

If you have a blog you've no doubt had a few questions about it; How do I create interesting blog posts? How do I put a picture on my site? How do I include a video or music? What in the wide world of sports is SEO?

The Blogging Bistro is one of my favorite sites for all of those answers. Laura Christenson hosts this site and does a fantastic job doing it.

I receive her Bright Ideas monthly e-zine packed with tips to improve your social marketing. Then there's her amazing freebies: Social Media Planner, an E-Book: 12 Types of Blog Articles and a social media tip of the day.

I recently attended a writer's conference where she was the keynote speaker and sat in her blog/Facebook classes-they were packed by the way.

So, please stop by the bistro and grab yourself a cup. She's waiting for ya!


Danie Marie said...

Hi Joanne! This is so timely. I've been wondering why I don't get many comments on my site. I've been told the page looks good, that it's inviting, but alas, few comments have me scratching my head. Could it be the title, the content??? If you could take a quick look and tell me what ya think, I'd be ever so grateful. That said, I'll also take a look at the recommended sites. Thanks bunches! Love ya Girl!

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

You are so right about Laura and Blogging Bistro. She really knows her stuff! I would love to be at Mount Hermon this week to attend her class.

Roslyn Rice said...

I just read your post on blogging bistro. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I am a new author and I attended my first writer's conference in March. There is so much to learn. Your blog helps answer many questions, a great resource.

Rosslyn Elliott said...

I'm on my way over there! Hey, I love finding another "Roslyn" in your comments! (Waves)

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

Great job in recommending Laura. I do subscribe to her "freebies" and shared links to her blog and resources with my writers group when I did a session on blogging. She is a treasure. And whenever I send her an email, she is quick to respond and share.

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