Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bella Rustica - Shabby Vintage LOVE

If you can't tell by the adorable country chair in my header or my Pinterest boards - I LOVE vintage things. Words like old, broken down, chipped and worn out become refurnished, shabby chic and cottage-worthy in my eyes.

Maybe it's because I look at something tired and broken down and want to know who owned it and what's the story behind it. I don't know, maybe I think too much.

Since our move here to Tennessee I've discovered lots of little treasures. One of them was Bella Rustica - an annual vintage barn sale about thirty miles from my home.

It was incredible.

Enough of my jibber-jabbering. Let's just let my pictures do the talking.

Barn sale is right. We stepped inside and the hay covered the floor.
Each of the stalls was a room set aside for a vintage vendor.
Fall decorations were everywhere. These jack o' lanterns were painted glass jars.
 I wanted them ALL.
I LOVED the ornate frames with the chicken wire and colorful material. Perfect for hanging earrings or necklaces. But, there's some things I know I can make on my own.
Candlesticks look great in groupings like this. Wow.
My parents put a basket like this on my bicycle when I was a kid.
 Apparently, they didn't care about my "cool" factor.
This pillow was adorable. Scroll down for a better peek.
"Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world."
Almost makes me want to jump rope again...almost.
I just had to get a pair of these candlesticks. Mine have French words scrolled alongside them. Some had musical notes. ADORABLE. I have one out right now on my fireplace in our family room.
Flower box on a car? Makes sense to me.
"Vintage Junky" the reason I was there. LOVE her blog. Michelle lives in my area, yay! This gal is gifted. Wish my phone-camera was better. Her booth was packed with shabby chic awesomeness and LOTS of customers. I bought two vintage windows from her (see below). Can't wait to show you what I do with them.
The best part of this whole Bella Rustica-morning?
Telling my kids, "Let's go back and check out ALL the booths one more time!"

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