Thursday, October 18, 2007

Are you a leaf or a stone?

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One of the most beautiful sights during the Fall season is watching leaves gracefully fall from their branches to the ground below. Gently they move whichever way the wind carries them, never fighting their direction or sudden change of course. God’s word speaks of the Holy Spirit as the wind. When Jesus spoke with Nicodemus he explained, “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Sprit.” John 3:8 nkjv

If only I would let His soft breezes and gentle winds direct my paths with the same grace as an autumn leaf. Thankfully, while running errands on Monday, for a few short hours I was a leaf too.

Like most days I had my list of to-do’s in hand. After dropping off our last child at school I had planned to drive into town and look for winter clothes for the children. While driving into the school I looked at the traffic heading back in the direction I needed to take to the stores. I became quite irritated. Like a stone I stood my ground and didn’t want to budge. A war waged in my mind as I talked back and forth to myself about the short time I had to accomplish all I had wanted to accomplish. This traffic just wouldn’t do. How could I get all that I needed to get done?

Miraculously, I decided not to take that route. Instead I drove the opposite direction along a windy tree laden road. As I got closer to my planned time of shopping, I realized that I was very close to my husbands’ office. Instead, I decided to let the road carry me to the freeway entrance that would drop me off only blocks from his work.

For two hours I enjoyed just being alongside him. We walked to the coffee shop together and brought back our treats to his office. My husband busied himself taking calls from clients, while I worked on my women’s Bible study. It was unplanned and unexpected and I thanked God for my detour.

Once I left my husband, I made it to the store. After an hour of hunting for the best bargains I took my bags and stuffed them into the back of our car. With most of my to-do list complete, I decided to take the back road home. This route would take me right past the exit to my sister’s house. My car seemed to know the way as it coasted into her driveway. I hadn’t planned a visit with her and thought it would be nice just to sit and talk awhile.

My sister Jennifer was busy throwing a baby shower for a friend. I was getting ready to leave when I saw my sister's mother-in-law Geneva amidst a sea of small children. I shared with her that I thought today would be a great day for a cup of tea…Geneva loved the idea so off we went upstairs to the secluded room above the garage. I floated alongside her onto my next divine appointment.

Geneva made us both two cups of lemon tea. It was delicious. We sat and chatted, sharing stories and heart-felt thoughts. I can’t begin to convey the joy I have in visiting with her. There is something so very special about a woman who has experienced many years of life. I glean off of the wisdom of women like Geneva. Time quickly passed, our cups were empty and once again the noises of the company beckoned below. I hugged her goodbye as I got back into my car and onto my next stop.

Driving again on a windy, rural tree lined road, I couldn’t help but thank God for the divine appointments I had had this day. I sadly wondered just how often I may have missed such delightful times as these by sticking to my own to-do list. Maybe from now on I should make a to-don’t list instead. At the top of my to-don’t list will be to stop writing in stone the things I want to do and start asking the Lord what things He wants me to accomplish in my day instead. I am tired of being a stone. I would much rather be a leaf and have His soft winds and gentle breezes take me to places where I have never dreamed of going.

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Jess said...

What a sweet and unexpected analogy! I am about as stubborn as they get and have been so frustrated with myself for even being so with God. Maybe this simply put image of the leaf surrendering to its direction will help me let go a bit more and stop being the stone I so often tend to be!


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