Wednesday, January 9, 2008



LivingforGod said...

Classic picture :). I wonder what she was eating/smelling. The only food I can think of that may prompt someone to hold his/her nose is durian (a fruit in some Asian countries with a very strong odor).

Chelle' said...

Phenominal. It's only a matter of days before my three figure out that trick.

Mari said...

That is so funny! Anyone with kids can relate to that.

The Cooke Family said...

Hey Joanne, it's so nice to hear from you again. Thanks for visiting again. You are a great lady. I enjoyed reading your posts - loved the one about your sister. I have 4 and they truly are a blessing! Things are going slower than we thought on the whole raising support process (If you ever choose to go to FamilyLife, we can share some stories) : )However, God is teaching us SO many things along the way. He is so faithful. His grace amazes me, because I have a tendency to be so hard on myself and God doesn't require that of me. For that alone I am amazed at His grace. I don't have to, because He does.

I love your heart, and authenticity. It is refreshing and truly a "Blessing". Blessings to you!!!


connorcolesmom said...

That is too funny!!
I have one that is very tactile sensitive so if it is too bumpy, scratchy etc then he won't eat it!!
We had grits tonight and he would not touch them and they were really good!!
Sorry I have been absent - I sprained my finger and had it in a splint. It made it impossible to type. I tried to type but it did not work :)
I hope all is well!
Call me sometime!
Love ya,

ElizabethMThompson said...

That's precious.


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