Monday, October 26, 2009


Secrets run deep in the South. I'd heard the whispers not long after I arrived. In a town where ponds are filled with alligators and football is the air men breathe...some eat Possum, it was rumored.

Possum? Seriously?!? I've never seen Paula Dean cook this country fare.

Not one southern-soul admitted to this. Yet, within seconds, four cans miraculously appeared.

Witness below rare seen footage, when four children from the West come face to face with the South.

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Shermanators said...

That is so funny! I don't think I would have eaten the possum either!!! :)

summur braley said...

I love it! " Possum is a sign to beautiful puke!" That is one great line:)

kberman said...

Amazing--just like your blog. You are so blessed to be you and to be walking the path God would have you walk. I have been on my spiritual journey which I choose to call recovery since 11/24/76. My husband left me (today is my 69th birthday) for another woman 3 months ago. They live down the street from me. but he is the angry one. We call them King Baby in AA.
The 2 most important things I did as well as pray was to allow myself to feel my feelings and to go to many AA meetings for support.
Life can be hard at times but God is always faithful to His promise to lead us through with grace.
Love, Kathy

Angie said...

Okay. That was hilarious! I bet they don't want weird Angie and Jeff coming to see them now!

Just wait until we come out there! Jeff may have to pre-ship a package of possum parts...possibly. ;)

Love you dearly! That was GREAT!

LisaShaw said...

OH MY GOODNESS GIRL!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you can't see or hear me right now!! This is hysterical!!!

I'm so with your child -- possum is puke to me too!!!

I so miss you already. I love you.

B His Girl said...

You forgot to explain how tender possum meat is. When is has been run over by tire tracks for a couple of days, the meat just falls of the bone. LOVED meeting you! B

Shawn said...

Wow, Joanne, I've got a whole new perspective on my home state! (Although panhandle dwellers are at least a half-chromosome different from the rest of us.) I'm kinda suspicious of the "canned" possum ... looked a lot like deviled ham. But I like the California twist of putting it on sourdough. Great multimedia stuff!

AJ said...

I agree wholeheartedly! NO POSSUM for me! I get an image of possum juice dripping on your comforter... blech! LOL! Glad you found a couple "white elephant" gifts! This is great!

Tea With Tiffany said...


:) LOL

You bless me. You are one blessed mama.

Can't wait to laugh & cry with you again. And I know your book will be in my hands one day! I'm all for you.

Love you

Julie said...

Hey, Joanne, I found you from Tiffany's blog. I also saw you on Angie's blog and Lisa's... Marsha's and facebook....and so on... The laughing video is getting around! lol

I loved the videos.... Being a southern girl myself they cracked me up. I grew up in Tennessee where we were always teased about moonshine. Now I live in Georgia. I hear California is a whole other world. ha ha.

It's great to meet you!

Mari said...

I'm with Sam - no possum for me!

Madison said...

As a westerner who met the south, I can assure there are strange things eaten here.

Marsha said...

Hey girlfriend! This is hysterical! I just don't understand why none of your kids will eat it? It tastes just like chicken. Like B said, it's real tender, too.

Sorry I didn't comment when I was over earlier but hubby took the afternoon off to come home and check out the door prize I won! ;)

Barbara said...

No wonder they didn't want canned possum. Every good southern girl knows that the only way to eat possum is freshly killed, skinned and cooked over an open flame. Thats how its truly delictable. Your children are adorable. It was wonderful to meet you and I shared with my husband your invitation to visit....don't be surprised if one day you have an email saying "I'm on my way"...I can bring some fresh possum if you like.

have a blessed week

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, thanks for making me laugh, lol

LisaShaw said...

I came back over to watch the rest and I love your daughter's reaction. That would be me saying, "well I'm in california not florida"! Girl you are too funny with the fork in the video outstretched to your daughter.

She's beautiful she looks like you. All of your kids are handsome/cute and beautiful! I think that covers it and your hubby is handsome!!!

Love you girl!!! I miss you much.

Carrie said...

That was hilarious. Ethan was cracking up. I miss you guys so much. The kids are getting so big. David is a young man. Hope you had a great trip.

Donetta said...

Oh those kids are darling!
I so enjoyed being with you you silly girl.

Karen said...

LOL...that was priceless!


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