Friday, April 11, 2008

You never know where your kite might take you.

Do you remember the children's cartoon "Little Bear"? My two older kids loved that TV show. One of the things that this little bear would often say to his friends duck and owl was, "You never know where your kite might take you."

My husband and I picked up on those words and now say them to our own children and even to each other from time to time. The longer I am a Christian, the more I am beginning to believe that there may have actually been a bit of wisdom gleened from the hours and hours that "Little Bear" played upon my television screen. Now don't laugh, if God can speak through donkeys, He can surely speak through an animated brown bear!

Last year I ended up taking a sabbatical from pretty much everything I had been involved in. From outside activities to ministry, God gave me a break. Little did I know that when He made me lie to lie down in these green pastures, the Lord was forcing me to sit still. I was no longer running around like a circus clown with her bum on fire. What I saw as a spiritual time-out from God, was instead a place of rest, a year long day-spa of quiet, so that I could clearly hear His still small voice.

And hear His voice I did.

Psalm 45:1 "My heart overflows with a good theme. I recite my composition concerning the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." was the verse that has been coming up over and over again since last Spring. My desire to write and speak for Him has been a desire I have had for a long time. Whether it takes one, five, twenty or even forty years to come to fruition, I am going to put my God given desires and gifts in His hands. I will keep stepping out as opportunities arise, but the rest is up to Him.

Add to that the miracle of winning the "Laced With Grace" blog contest. I am receiving a $250 scholarship to the sold out "She Speaks" the Proverbs 31 Ministries Writing/Speaking conference and this girl is beginning to feel confirmation that I am meant to step out and take a cross country flight in June.

When I taught the teenage girls at church this last Sunday I asked them to think of the talent, special gifting or heartfelt desire each one of them had. One young woman said she loved to sing, another said that she loved spending time with children, another said that she loved horses. I reminded them that once they put aside what 'they' wanted to do with those things, and like the words to that Christian song, once they "opened the eyes of their heart" to what God would have them do with those special desires, they could never begin to imagine what God had for their lives.

So, what gifts or desires have you buried deep inside your heart? Have your God-given gifts been smothered by the busyness of life? Start praying about them today.

Friends, you can't dream dreams big enough for what God has for your lives. Put all of your tomorrows in His hands and see that all things are possible for those of us who believe.

With God, you never know where your kite might take you.


Amy Wyatt said...

This was such a great post. It is so true that when we put what we want into God's hands and begin to do what He wants... amazing things happen. He gave us our interests and desires for a purpose. When we use them for Him... they mean so much more. I'm so excited you are attending She Speaks. I can't wait to meet all my blogging buddies in person.
BTW... I laughed out loud at your post yesterday. You are bold girl.

Mari said...

Another beautiful post, Joanne. I am far too busy, far too often and I need that reminder.

connorcolesmom said...

CONGRATS on winning the contest!
That is going to be so much fun.
I have no idea what God has planned but I am following His kite where ever He leads me :)
Love that post!

Becoming Me said...

That was a beautiful post.

Rebekah said...

Psalm 45:1, When I was growing up we sang a song written from this verse. I haven't thought of this song in years. Im gonna have to ask my mom if she has it (I'm pretty sure our worship leader at the time wrote it)

You have mentioned before about your 'time out'. I find I have less quiet time when the kids aren't involved in activity. I'm amazed that you had any quiet time with a house full of kids.

Oh- I am getting a new blog design thanks to Elisa

Rebekah said...

opps forgot to add- congrats on winning the scholarship. I pray you have a fabulous time

A Stone Gatherer said...

God has given me a great passion for His word and a desire for children an adults to know the word! I don't know what he has in store completely yet, but I just went to Precept upon Precept training! I am waiting on Him!

Shelly said...

The kite might take us pretty far. We have to let the string out more and more to see how far we can go. If it the kite does not soar very high, how do we expect to soar high? I like what the animation said. My son only watched that a couple times.

Terri said...

Oh, I loved the Little Bear series and now I read it to Shaelyn.
Loved this post!

AlaneM said...

This post is a challange to me. I've been thinking about a blog post related to this for some time. Has to do with my not feeling I'm home in my new church. Could be cos I have not gotten involved in anything...ya think??
Thanks for challenging me yet again :)

elizabeth embracing life said...

I am always most content when I am doing the things that come natural to me. God has blessed me in my life with being able to do those thing. I have always felt called to minister to those in business nad God just gave me so many opportunities. With little ones home I am taking a break from all of that with a house full of kids, so now my desire is to be home, which I love

Fran said...

I'm so happy for you Joanne! God has such wonderful things in store for you. :)


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