Thursday, June 5, 2008

Teenagers and Two-Year-Olds

I am blessed to have held the title of mother for seventeen years. With every passing day I learn something new. I now have answers to questions like, how often through the night can you give Ibuprofen to a child with an ear infection? What are the best gifts NOT to give another child if you'd like to remain friends with their mother? Or, exactly how many times does human nature allow your physical body to repeat itself before blowing up like Mt. St. Helens?

One thing I have recently learned is that teenagers and two-year-olds are a lot alike. They both want their Mommy's close by, yet want their full independence. They want their Mommy's full attention to share their day with but at the same time want lots of play dates with their friends too. As teenagers they once again are eating round the clock and are needing much much much more sleep.

We have two teenagers right now in our home. Our daughter will be a Senior in high school in August and her brother will be joining her as a Freshman. We do not lack around here for moody moments or bubbling hormones. In some families they tell their children, "No B's, no keys." In our home we have added one more element to the mix...attitude. If they have a poor attitude, pick on their siblings or treat each other in a manner that isn't edifying, life can become pretty hard very quickly for them. Very often I have to get out my umbrella and raincoat and remind my darling teens, "I can tread water longer than you can make it rain."

Since I am personally addicted to laughter, I had to share a video below showing a comedian speaking on his own teenager.


Terri said...

I know the feeling - at one point I had a 17 yr. old, 13 yr. old and 3 yr. old. Talk about mixed up emotions and hormones!

Cheri said...

I loved the second comic- what a great story about his wife!

Mari said...

I remember those days. It won't be long and you'll be saying that too! Somehow, I think you and Paul nip that attitude thing pretty well and your kids seem to be turning out great. Love the videos. Humor is great - you need it with kids. The second clip was also touching.

Shelly said...

I totally understand the teenage thing. My daughter will be 17 in a couple weeks and she will also be a Senior in September.

I liked the videos but thought the second guy was funnier! Awesome story of his wife though! Praise God!

Enjoy your day!

Becoming Me said...

Excellent post. So funny.

Amy said...

I love your treading water comment - I am going to store that one away!

A Stone Gatherer said...

So love your word picture! Coming up on the teenage years here! Not quite ready to jump in, but can't stop it!

Joyfull said...

I can so relate to this post! Our oldest will be in 12th and 9th grade this year along with the youngest who is 6. Attitude and treating others kindly are learning issues at our home also!
I also love this comedian!!!!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

The roster around here?

19, 17, 7, 5.

Babies in decades is not my personal recommendation, and while others tell me it will keep my young, I have the aches and pains and grey hairs that beg otherwise.

I'm visiting from somewhere...

And because I can't remember where I've just been in blogsphere...well, that's more proof to bolster my aging theory.

Be blessed this weekend.



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