Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When Man Said No...God Said YES.

Is there a burning passion, a calling on your life that you can’t express in words? Is there something that you enjoy doing that never feels like work?

One of the gifts the Lord has blessed my husband with is the gift of teaching, so it was no surprise that even after his law degree he still desired to teach. Not the words I really wanted to hear after four years of law school and a year spent on his master’s degree. Yet, this is one of the things that the Lord has created him for, teaching others to understand the difficult. He has such a gift for that.

This year he decided to send out applications to a community college in our area. Unfortunately the only site campus that had open positions was an hour away, round trip. They had ten openings that he was more than qualified for, so he sent applications to all ten. The closest campus to us is less than fifteen minutes away but sadly, there were no teaching positions open there. For many nights he spent his time filling out computer applications. My prayers were for him to get hired. My heart desired this to happen almost as much as his own.

Three months later, almost too slowly, the replies started coming in. Rejection after rejection came in through his email. Thanks but no thanks, was pretty much the unwritten majority. It was so heartbreaking to see my husband watch his dream to teach slip farther out of his reach, becoming an almost unreachable, unattainable dream.

While at a coffee house meeting with a new acquaintance, my usually closed-lipped husband shared with this man how his dream was to teach. The man told my husband that he could put him in contact with the President of the junior college, that she was a friend of his. Once again full of hope, Paul jumped at the opportunity and sent off his resume and application. After getting no response, he made a phone call and spoke with her secretary. “Yes, she received your application, but I’m sorry because of budget cuts we're not filling any positions right now.” Paul was not ready to give up just yet, “Can I call you back in a few weeks to check again?” “You are going to get the same answer in two weeks that I gave you just now.” She said matter of factly. That same week his tenth and last application was rejected.

Two weeks later Paul called excitedly to share some good news with me. The dean of the school, who oversees the criminal justice department wanted to meet with him. Paul spoke with this man and set up a meeting. The meeting turned into an oral board interview and the interview has turned into an adjunct position at the junior college next Spring.

Our faith has grown quite a bit from this experience. We have learned that our disappointment is God’s appointment. He was with us through each discouraging moment and never once let us down. We can now only give God the glory here. It was not Paul's credentials that opened the door, it was God's hand that brought about this miraculous opportunity.

Oh, and did I mention that the college Paul will be working at next Spring is at the new campus less than fifteen minutes from our house, the one that didn’t have an open teaching position?

This trial is over but I know in our lifetime there are still a fewmore ahead. I pray that we have learned much from this. I know we have learned that there are no happen chances, no coincidences. We have learned (again) that often times we are told no because there is something even better for us still ahead. But most importantly we have learned that when man says no, God can still say YES.

Friends, what is it that you are seeing as an impossibility? Stop looking at it with human eyes and see a God who can make the impossible possible!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God is with ou wherever you go." Joshua 1:9


connorcolesmom said...

That is SUCH great news
My hubby would love to be a college professor - so neat!
God bless

Chelle' said...


I'm so glad to hear this Joanne. Our God is a mighty and need meeting God.

He certainly provides for His children. Thank you for sharing your example of just that.

Cheri said...

That is so awesome. I'm so happy for your family.
Thanks for that post- it gave me comfort today!

Mari said...

This is so exciting. I'm happy for Paul and for you. What a great God we serve - He gives us gifts to do things well and likes to see us happy and doing what we love.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a wonderful post and a great reminder of God's greatness and his ability to do anything! I'm so happy for your husband.

Thanks for this reminder. I have been contemplating ending Miracle Monday but I keep hearing a little voice in my head telling me not to. I have been worried about only getting one or two miracles posted a week but perhaps God is using those one or two miracles in a way that I don't see.

And if God ever wants Miracle Monday to be bigger then he will tell me how to do it!

Tammy said...

So happy to hear this wonderful news and thank you for the words of encouragement. As always a joy to read your post.

Tricia said...

I rejoice with you and your husband in how our wonderful God has provided so abundantly! All praise to HIM!!

Genny said...

What an inspiring story! I've found that to be true in my own writing journey...it's becoming clear that my disappointment truly has been God's appointment. Thanks for the encouragement1

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Wow. You had me on the edge of my seat. I just knew the result was going to be God turning the impossible into the possible.

One of my favorite sayings (from my pastor's sermon at the beginning of this year) is: impossible odds lead to amazing miracles.

I KNOW it is so tiring when you reflect back on what appeared to be Paul chasing his tail continuously after door after door was closed all to end up at the college of his choice. I know with me, I often wonder why it has to be so hard. But I've come to see that God wants to bless us (as in the close teaching position) BUT in the midst of that He wants to fine tune us, our character, our faith, our persistence, our patience. (Different things for different folks.)

You may or may not know the IMPOSSIBLE thing I'm desiring from God. It is marriage restoration after a dead marriage and divorce. It truly is impossible...a man who professes to PAY to keep me away from him. M-POSS-E-BALL, I say.

I'm also looking for some mighty things for God to do in my life and work. I'm excited for what He would have me do in regards to ministry, writing, leading, speaking. The world is wide open and I'm a willing servant.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story of faith, persistence, and patience. I so appreciate seeing God at work and being reminded that "His Ways are not our ways."

Once again a reminder of the reason for my blog and the title of it.


AlaneM said...

Oh wow, thanks for sharing that. I needed that reminder today.


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