Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes there is a God, and I am His favorite!

Six tickets behind home plate $210.00

Six dinger dogs,six bags of peanuts,and six sodas $75.00

Preferred parking $20.00

Having a friend who likes to share his season tickets....Priceless!


Mari said...

Wow - what a great view! You have a wonderful friend!

Fran said...

Being the sports crazy family that we are...I'm jealous, but in a good way! :) Thats awesome!!!

Happy weekend!

Cheri said...

That is so awesome. What an incredible view.
You are a very lucky girl!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Awesome! Does he/she need anymore friends?


Karol said...

Priceless Indeed!!! And as for your post with pic of the future woman Vice-President, YES, I am as happy as you right now!!! I bookmarked your blog and I will visit often! - Karol

Debra said...

I am so trying not to covet....! We are off to my son's football game...have a blessed weekend!

Chelle' said...

Papa is VERY fond of you!!!!

(Have ya read The Shack yet?)

Angie said...

YUP! I gotta say right with you...that's pretty priceless indeed!
WHAT a day!

Shelly said...

That is awesome! Great that you got to enjoy


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