Friday, October 24, 2008

He Keeps ALL Promises.

There has not failed one promise that He has promised. 1Kings 8:56 nkjv

Yesterday afternoon I turned on my computer to find an email I'd been anxiously expecting from a publisher. I had submitted my book proposal at their request, the month before. The letter began, “I'm sorry to say that we’re not going to be able to pursue this book.”

I was disappointed. I shared with my husband my discouragement. I even went on to tell him how I'd really thought I'd heard God speak to me when he gave me a promise last year in Psalm 45:1 “My heart overflows with a good theme. I recite my composition concerning the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.” It seemed to me that God was confirming what I would write, I would speak about. The theme overflowing from my heart was the captivity of activity and the bondage of busyness. So why had my book proposal on the subject been rejected? During my time with the Lord this morning He answered this very question.

After my time in the Word, I opened up my Streams in the Desert devotion book. The verse for today, “There has not failed one promise that He has promised.” 1Kings 8:56 I underlined the words that spoke loudly, almost shouting at me from the pages, “Someday we shall understand that God has a reason in every NO which he speaks through the slow movement of life. Somehow God makes up to us. How often when his people are worrying or perplexing themselves about their prayers not being answered, is God answering them in a far richer way.” I took out my pen and began to underline, “When did God take anything from a man without giving him manifold more in return? Suppose that the return had not been made immediately manifest, what then? Is today the limit of God's working time?”

Friends, our God is the great promise keeper. What promises has God given to you? He is not bound by our time, twenty four hours in a day, or our twelve months in a year. He is working them out in your life in his own time. He has not forgotten, not a one. Keep the faith. Trust him. Stand on His words to you. Pray them back to God reminding him that you are waiting patiently for them to become manifest in your own life.

When the frosts are in the valley,
And the mountain tops are grey,
And the choicest buds are blighted,
And the blossoms die away,
A loving Father whispers,
“This cometh from my hand”;
Blessed are ye if ye trust
Where ye cannot understand.

If, after years of toiling,
Your wealth should fly away
And leave your hands all empty,
And your locks are turning grey,
Remember then your Father
Owns all the sea and land;
Blessed are ye if ye trust
Where ye cannot understand.

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Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I am also disappointed for you - but the Lord knows what He is doing! What a wonderful thing to see in your devotion today (and I have that devotional) and your attitude is inspiring for the rest of us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

Have a blessed weekend! :)

Mari said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out this time. I know it will though, and I know God has the best plan already written for you!

Sheryl said...

I tell ya what - God is using your writing here today!! This is just what I needed. As I've been asking why am I still sick, why not yet...and wondering if I heard correctly many years ago that He would bring beauty from ashes. Thank you, Joanne.

God's "not yet" to you was used today to remind me of who He is.


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Oh, Joanne! My heart just dropped when I read this! I can imagine how it would feel! You've worked so hard. It's like a part of you, I'm sure! Thank the Lord that He gave you encouraging, hopeful words. You didn't write for nothing...God will use it.

I wait with you!
I feel disapointed with you!
I hope with you!

And as soon as I post this comment, I'm going to pray for you!!!

Maybe God will send you something in the mail from a friend today...who knows!! :)

Amy~Saved by Grace said...

This was not your time. His timing is perfect and even though we don't know His plans there are perfect for us. Keep you head up and your eyes set upon Him.

Fran said...

More than anything...stay after Him! He shines through all you say.


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I think Lysa Terkeust or Lisa Whittle said it took like 15 no's from publishers before her book was published. I don't recall the details but I remember what I took from that was to not give up and 15 no's will lead to that one yes, on the 16th try.

You are so right, God is not bound to our timeline. Many times I believe we misinterpret His not yet or not now to a no. Instead, He wants us to continue to trust and wait expecting that yes but in His time.

I know I'm waiting in expectation for His yes on His timetable.

This for this timely reminder, Joanne.

Anonymous said...

These are great words for me to read today. Thank you for being faithful to share them even in disappointment.

I'm a Believer!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Don't you have another publisher considering your book?

As you probably know, so many published writers have been rejected numerous times prior to their book becoming published. I believe you can trust God's timing when it comes. Just don't stop doing your part unless He speaks otherwise.

And then when it does come to pass, HE gets all glory!

This are tough times in our world. The publishing world is not exempt.


Sending comfort and a hug,


(I know the feeling of rejection)

Tiffany Stuart said...

PS I felt like God told me I would be speaking and writing in women's ministry 7 years ago. My road is super slow and I am barely getting started.

However I see all the learning that has occurred in my heart over this time period and I am glad He didn't send me out sooner. I wasn't ready. I needed deeper healing.

Still in the potter's hand.

Growin' with it! said...

oh how i wish i could put into words how much this post meant today!

thank you.

Erin Emigh Stanford said...

A wonderful friend of mine that reads your blog regularly forwarded it to me today. She was right, this spoke to me. This is exactly what I am living day to day except for my NOs from God are coming in the area of the pursuit to have children. Thank you for your post. I say these very things to myself all the time. ;) It's good to see someone else thinking them through on virtual paper. I hope the YES answer comes soon for you and if it doesn't that you will continue to trust our Lord for His perfect timing!


Erin Stanford

Elizabeth M. Thompson said...

Joanne, keep writing your book! The first two chapters really spoke to me and I am waiting (tapping fingers) for the next ten! I am a busy mommy, too, and need permission to disengage from the busyness.

God has such plans for you!

Shermanators said...

I too am sad! I was so looking forward to reading your book...but I know I will someday! :)

This spoke volumns to me too. We are struggling to get pregant and I have to remind myself every month that God has a bigger plan for me right now. But, to be honest, some days I still feel like crying myself to sleep. But I sometimes need a good cry to heal my heart. :)

BTW...have your read any of Brock and Bodie Thoene? They write historical novels and have a series called the AD Chronicles that brings the Gospels to life. I first read about the development of the Bethlehem Star in those books...exact same info in the movie!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Joanne..
Please come over to my blog there are two awards I want to share with you. I enjoy being a part of the prayer team with all of you at Beloved Mama Prays.

God Bless Lorie

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

hey girl! Look at Chritian bloggers Unite! We won at the same time!!! How cool is that????

Rebekah said...

Thank you for the sweet encouragement and reminder!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I know what he has planned is far better! Thanks for the wonderful reminder!

Angie said...

Joanne....listen to Tiffany. She is a wealth of information and help. God is ABLE! I love you and will be praying about this.

God has a plan, an anvenue and purpose. Follow His leading. All the things He has already done...all for a reason.

I love you! Again and again!

Angie said...

Joanne....listen to Tiffany. She is a wealth of information and help. God is ABLE! I love you and will be praying about this.

God has a plan, an anvenue and purpose. Follow His leading. All the things He has already done...all for a reason.

I love you! Again and again!

Susan said...

Your post is so encouraging. We know He is a promise-keeper! What a comfort.
Remember, your words have value (per Lysa TK)! A publisher is not the one to determine their value - God is! Publishers have their own agendas, and even the best writings have been denied because they don't meet the publisher's needs at a particular time. Even John Grisham was rejected 28 times (someone just told me that today!)

But, there is a holy purpose in rejection, whether from a publisher, a friend, loved one, co-worker. Jesus Himself was rejected, not by His Father, but by men. We can identify with Him when we are rejected, creating opportunities to develop Christ-likeness which we could never learn any other way. A hard lesson, but a valuable one.

God's promise to you is still as true as ever. We must just wait on His timing. My post on Trust is for you, my dear blessed friend.


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