Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Happy Birthday Amy!

For those of you who don't know my little sister Amy, I thought I would give you ten random facts about my youngest sister.

1. Amy LOVES animals! Her dogs are her children.

2. Amy is a Southern California girl now, after leaving her Northern California roots.

3. She was born with a full head of red hair.

4. There isn't anyone she can't strike up a conversation with.

5. She is so creative, she could give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

6. As darling as she is, she has inherited our obnoxiously loud family laugh.

7. She has recently gone back to school to get her nursing degree.

8. Amy loves children. Good news for her two daughters and one son!

9. Her sweet tooth is out of control!

10. She loves to plant vegetables in her garden.

Happy Birthday Amy, I hope and pray this year is one that is full of love, laughter and more joy than you can hold in your heart!


Your OLDER and much WISER sister.


Mari said...

What a cute picture of you two. Happy Birthday Amy!

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Amy- aren't sisters the best!!

Jennifer said...

Aw. I am lovin' the sister love.

Angie said...

HAppy Birthday to your Amy! Ya'll look so pretty together!

Amy said...

Hi Jo~
Aunt Judy called me moments ago to have me check out your blog. You are so sweet! You made my day! I sure miss you!
check out my blog tomorrow. I will have all the pics from my party!

Your youngest and silliest sis!
:) Amy

Growin' with it! said...

look at both you gorgeous californian girls!! my sis has a bday next week. this is a great idea to let peeps know more about having a sister. it is surely one of God's sweetest gifts in my own life.

happy bday to your sista!

Elizabeth at Writing from Home said...

Happy Birthday, Amy! Joanne, your sister is darling. (Must be genetic!)

A Stone Gatherer said...

Great List! Happy birthday to your littlier sister!

Chelle' said...

Oh my goodness are the two of you just precious!! Happy Happy Birthday Amy.

That picture makes me think if I lived there... we'd all be the best of friends. We'll have to start working on the logistics...

Tiffany Stuart said...

Cute tribute to your younger sis!

Happy belated birthday, Amy!


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