Monday, May 25, 2009

Take a Moment to Remember and Say a Prayer

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” Psalm 33:12

As a teenager, waking up first to get in the shower was important. I had to beat my two sisters because I needed as much time as I could to get that "big 80's hair". Each morning when I would shuffle to the bathroom half asleep, I would see my father sitting at our kitchen table.

In the early morning silence, he would be reading his Bible while finishing his cup of coffee. With my eyes half open, I would kiss him good-bye. Lunch pail in hand, my Dad would walk out the front door, hang his American flag and head off to work. Day in and day out, this was his routine.

Each and every morning, my father flew that flag.

One gloomy winter day, as my father was hanging his flag, our neighbor Sid came over. Marching across the street with purpose, he held a small booklet titled Flag Rules and Regulations firmly in hand. Sid made sure to give my Dad an earful when he saw in this steady drizzle, Dad had not taken down our American flag.

“George.” He said, pointing at his booklet. “According to these rules here, you aren’t supposed to be flying the American flag in the rain.” Without a pause in the conversation, my father politely replied. “Sid, I fought for that flag in the rain, so I am going to fly that flag in the rain.”

Friends, today is Memorial Day. A day to remember those currently serving, and many who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Go up to a Veteran and say, “Thank You.” Better yet, teach your children to walk up to someone in uniform and say , “Thank You.”

Take a moment to offer up a prayer for all of the men and women who have fought in the rain for you.


Marsha said...

Wonderful story. Today, I don't think kids even know about flag etiquette, let along even care there is such a thing.
Looking forward to graduation pix!
Have a blessed week.

Heather of the EO said...

I have chills. Your father was an amazing man.

I have a friend named Roy in Iraq right now. His wife is one of my best friend's. I've been thinking of them and so many others today. I can't even imagine the sacrifice.

Thank you for this post, friend.


Heather of the EO said...

Um, I have no idea why I said "friend's." Let's just pretend I said "friends." :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful story and tribute to your father. i said prayers today for those that have served and are serving to keep our country safe. we are extremely blessed to live where we do!

Mari said...

Beautiful tribute Joanne. I like the Marine Hymn playing along with it too!

Kristen said...

I just found your beautiful blog and wanted to say hi. That was such a beautiful post!

Trevor said...

A couple of years ago both my wife and I were taking an internal flight in US. Onboard that flight were quite a few servicemen. When the pilot mentioned their presence onboard the passengers to a man applauded them. I was moved by this obvious act of appreciation for the work that these brave individuals do for their country.

I was sitting beside one soldier who said that he had just returned from Afghanistan. I said to him that I was sure he was pleased to be home! His reply surprised me, he said no, he couldn’t wait to go back. His family were still out there. His comrades had become his family, and he was missing them. No matter what the risk and the danger that is where he wanted to be.

I was moved by this man’s commitment to his friends and yet saddened! Why saddened? Because I could contrast what I witnessed on that flight with what would happen here in the UK. Here there is no applause for the troops coming home. No real honouring of those who defend our land, no recognition of their contribution, it’s as if we are ashamed of them.

We have politically correct folk protesting at the troops having a coming home parades in case it might offend someone. Dear friends in the USA, value your freedom, value the people who stand up to defend your freedom, and stay close to the Lord, for when a country by and large forsakes God as we have in the UK, then there is only one way the country can go and that is down to the pit.

Joanne@ Blessed... said...


Your words have touched me this morning. Our nation too struggles with zealous politically correct people. What an encouragement to read that we are still being salt and light to the world with our grateful hearts.

Thanks so much for sharing this Trevor.


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