Tuesday, December 22, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

I worked an eight-hour shift yesterday. In that time, I spoke to a woman who had been in a car accident, a mother whose baby was having a seizure, a teenage girl who had locked herself in a bathroom while strangers were in her home downstairs, an elderly gentleman who was angry about holiday drivers, and a father whose teenage daughter was getting annoying phone calls from a boyfriend, just to name a few.

My friend took a call from a neighbor who discovered the murdered body of her 64 year-old girlfriend. It was a busy day.

While driving home, I couldn't help but think about everyone I had spoken to. I've been enjoying a new song by Casting Crowns, "While You Were Sleeping". It has been the song this Christmas season, causing me to ponder about my God and my fellow Americans.

I love my job. I love the girls I work with, and I love having an opportunity each time I go into work, to be the voice on the other end of a 911 call. I love to help people.

But, my help is temporary.

I pray for so many hurting this season.

I pray they won't be sleeping.


Mari said...

I haven't heard that song, but it's beautiful and what a message!

Erin said...

Last December we went to see the Casting Crowns Christmas Show and Mark Hall talked about this song (which is also one of my FAVORITES!!). He got the idea from reading the lyrics of "O Little Town of Bethlehem." This song actually appeared on the Lifesong album and had another verse about Jerusalem that says:

"Oh little town of Jerusalem
Looks like another silent night
The Father gave His only Son
The Way, the Truth, the Life had came
But there was no room for Him in the world He came to save

Jerusalem, what you have missed while you were sleeping
The Savior of the world is dying on your cross today
Jerusalem, you will go down in history
As a city with no room for its King
While you were sleeping
While you were sleeping"

It just gives me shivers to think about what we are missing in our own lives. I don't want to be so busy that I miss Him.

AJ said...

I love that song! Thank you for the thoughts and the video!

Denise said...

Such a powerful message.

B His Girl said...

This is a powerful song. I believe America is sleeping. Does the sound of an alarm have to sound before we awake? B


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