Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Grace!

Eleven years, one hour, and forty-five minutes ago you arrived on the scene. Instant love. That's what we felt for you. Absolutely beautiful is what you were. Even with your fuzzy bald-head, you looked like a girl baby. You were two years-old when you first told someone you were born with a pink bow in your hair (after seeing one in your one-month old picture). Your father and I never corrected you. You loved telling everyone about your pretty pink bow. And we LOVED hearing you tell everyone about it.

As you grew a little older, while going through old boxes, you even asked me if I could find it for you, if I still had it. You truly believed God had placed the bow there Himself before you were born. We went along with your story, not wanting to ruin it for you.

We would even remind you from time to time that you were born with a pink bow in your hair, hoping you would tell the story again. Then we would agree it was exactly what had happened. Until this week you believed us.

While driving home from school, we had this conversation in our car:

Grace: Mom, me and my girlfriends were talking about things we were born with. Bailey told me she was born with an extra bone in her foot. I told her I was born with a pink bow in my hair. But, mom, Bailey told me, "Grace, there is no way humanly possible that you were born with a pink bow in your hair!" But, I told her that I was. Wasn't I Mom?

Me: Well, honey...

Grace: Oh MOM! It's not true is it?!? I wasn't born with a pink bow in my hair?!? Why did you let me believe I was? You lied to me!!!

Me: Gracie, honey, you always believed it. You were so precious when you'd tell the story to all of us, I just never thought you'd believe it all these years.

Grace: (Laughing) Mom, that's ok. It is a cute story.

Me: Yes, it sure is.

So, to our precious-pink-satin-bow, we promise to let you know if there are any other stories you don't have down exactly right before you share them in junior high next year. We love you so much honey, and are grateful the Lord chose us to be your Mom and Dad.

Happy Birthday sweetheart!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday Grace! I loved the pink bow story and I would have let her believe it for a while too.

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Grace!
You are adorable!!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Grace.

B His Girl said...

I love the pink bow story. Smiles! How cute is that! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter Grace. b

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

That is too funny and too cute...I wish I was born with a pink bow in my hair...unfortunatly, I was born with a freckle in the shape of a triangle...we all have our crosses to bear right?

Happy Birthday Grace!

Sheri said...

We love you Grace!

Mary R Snyder said...

I LOVE the pink bow story! How precious -- and happy birthday Grace!

momstheword said...

Oh, I love how sweet this is! I remember finding out that my "aunt" wasn't really my aunt but my mom's best friend!

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Erin said...

She is beautiful and you ARE so blessed to have her.

Happy birthday to you sweet daughter!!

Meghan Kraft said... sweet Mom! What a beautiful little depiction of Gracie :)


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