Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cuckoo Bird Turns Ninety!

To kick off my week of fluff n' stuff, I have to start with the one who "started it all", the ninety year-old birthday-girl herself, my Grandma.

For all forty-two years of my life she has been my constant encourager, joyful listener, and flirty-Gerty with my husband.

Yes, that is a tiara on her head.

My Grandma has earned quite a few terms of endearment: Granny Goose, Grandma Cuckoo, Cuckoo Bird, Gram. All of them are said in love. There isn't enough space on the World Wide Web to share all the crazy, silly, cooky things she's said and done. Now, add to her adorable wit and charm, the fact that she's just about deaf (and refuses to admit it), and you have the recipe for some hilarious moments.

On her 90th birthday last month, my aunts reserved a banquet room in a delicious Italian restaruant and treated all of the family. My Grandma LOVED it. Never one to shrink back from the spotlight, she was in her glory. Betty Boop is her favorite icon, if that helps give you an idea.

My Grandma has been the glue that has kept our family together. After my mother died, she faithfully called me weekly to check on me. Not a birthday, anniversary, or holiday goes by without a phone call or a card in the mail...many times with a few dollars tucked inside for the children. And she never leaves a message on our answering machine without verbally signing it, "...so call me back Joanne when you get home. Grandma" She's a pretty amazing gal.

I thought I'd share one of our family's most hilarious moments on tape with all of you. I'd better set up the scene first:

While visiting at Grandma's house, she received a few phone calls. Her phone is turned up so loud we could hear the person on the other line screaming at her. She had no idea what they were saying. I tried to tell her to put the phone to her ear, not her head, but she refused. Being a master-mind-trixter, I told my husband to go into the other room and crank call her. My son David is in on the gag.

The rest is family history.


Denise said...

God bless your precious grandmother.

Runner Mom said...

She is just darlin'!!

Mariel said...

How precious! What a gift to have a grandmother like her! :)

Braley Mama said...

So sweet. Happy Birthday to your beautiful grandma!!!

Mari said...

Too funny! What a great lady - and what a blessing to all of you that you still can enjoy her. Happy Birthday to her!

L. E. Neighbour said...

haa ha that's great. My grandma is turning 91 this year. I love elderly people <3 :D Happy Bday Grandma Cuckoo!

Karen said...

What a sweetie!

Sheri said...

HILARIOUS!!!! This is so the kind of thing my sister and I do with our mother!!!! And we fully expect our children to do it to us!

Rebecca said...

Isn't she sweet! I have a grandma who is 94 this summer. Love your blog am following now :-)
Come pay me a visit at The Blessings of Modern Domestication

Susan Panzica - EternityCafe said...

So funny!
My husband's aunt is huge on Betty Boop, too!
And neither she nor my mother-in-law can hear either.
Makes for some funny moments.
You're grandma is a darling.

Angie said...

I'm here laughing...and hearing YOU laugh in the back ground reminded me of the sidesplitting time we had last year!


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