Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why Mz. Blogger, Why?

Why do you blog? Seriously, why do you? What makes you put your words out there for anyone to read? Is this writer-narcissism on steroids? Are you lacking attention you don't get at home? What inspired you to check out the blog-buzz and seek one of your very own?

"You need to start a blog."

"I do? What's a blawg?"

My writer's group encouraged me to find out. Three years later I'm hooked. Hyperlinks and no more than 250 word quips call to me. And, like most addicts, I push my drug of choice on others.

Karen and Sheri fell under the hypnotic encouragement of my blog jib..."Try it. You'll like it." I whispered from the corner booth at the coffee shop.

Now, our conversations are peppered with blog-talk. WordPress vs. Blogger, RSS feeds and whatever in the world is SEO.

ProBlogger ran a poll a few years back to discover why we blog. The results are still quite interesting. Click here.

So, why do I blog? Lots of reasons. Writing is my outlet. I have to hold back from saying ALL I'd love to say here. It's tough sometimes. With my book coming out in June, all of a sudden my blog needs to have more focus. Not sure if I can do that. There's too much I LOVE to write about. How can I pick just one thing?



Denise said...

I love to blog to encourage others.

Lisa writes... said...

I love to blog as well though my last post may seem to indicate otherwise! Who knew there was such community and camaraderie to be found, not to mention friendships from bloggers around the world? I am hoping for the time and inclination to blog more regularly...

Thanks for your recent visit and comment! Great minds, indeed!


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