Sunday, March 13, 2011

Teen Parenting Tip #218

Teenagers march to the beat of their own iPod. Each one is an electronic wizard that could put MacGyver to shame. Yet, surprisingly, they lack the intellectual prowess to tie up a bag of garbage and carry it to the curb.

So, if you'd like to train your young adult with lightning fast results - the next time your teenage son or daughter forgets to take the trash out for the umpteenth time, do what we do:

Works every time.


Mari said...

I love it!

katiefish <> said...

Works with loading the dishwasher, too. Though a little bit messier. :)

karendalycook said...

You are a genius!

mommyscircus said...

That is FUNNY!!! Too bad I'm too lazy to take the trash out to put it on my son's bed LOL!!!!

Janice Lampkin said...

You are hilarious JoJo..I love it and you!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

We've done the same thing. It does work. Also, if they forgot their day, they had to take it out for another week.


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