Friday, April 22, 2011

Is the Easter Bunny a Welcome Guest in Your Home?

I'm curious. Is Mr. Easter Bunny a welcome guest
in your home?

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Shannon Dittemore said...

We're very tongue in cheek about the whole thing. We do Easter baskets for the kids, but we handle it like we do Christmas.... we're able to give gifts because Christ first gave Himself.

I don't mind letting kids enjoy the characters and such, but mine have always been very savvy. Our biggest problem is reminding the 6yo not to ruin the illusion for other kids.

Rebecca said...

Happy Blessed Good friday and early Easter to you sweet sister in the Lord. No we don't do any bunny. We have resurrection eggs and our MOPS group has an egg hunt but other thank that it's all Jesus! Amen.

Recovering Lutheran said...

The Easter Bunny is pretty harmless, so we don't have a problem with Easter egg hunts. I do have a problem with the decision by a Seattle school that required a classroom volunteer to call Easter eggs "spring spheres". Give me the secular Easter Bunny any day of the week over "spring spheres"!

(If school policy requires avoiding words like "Easter eggs", why not just call them "obnoxious ovoids" in honor of the politically-correct philosophy behind it?)

Sheri said...

Oh how Matt and I wrestled with the "Santa" thing. We decided to do it...I can blog about why another day. We've always given Brooke a basket, but the Easter bunny we never played up; however,when Brooke was just two months old, I had her picture taken with the Easter bunny. Two years ago I showed her the picture to show her how little she was, she looked at it with a very puzzled look and said to me..."Who is that guy?" Yeah...I guess we had never mentioned the Easter bunny! Maybe we'll find out tomorrow if she thinks the basket was brought by the bunny!


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