Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Amazing Moms - A Mother's Day Tribute

My husband is a Hallmark-holiday-hater. He tries to convince me that he would have no problem remembering me throughout the year without commercial prodding.

Yeah right.

Mother's Day is still pretty special to me. What mama-heart doesn't melt over rubber pancakes and runny eggs in bed? My heart swells when I receive homemade cards and Popsicle stick creations. Ahhhh, sweet mom bliss.

With my mom gone now, it can be bittersweet if I think on how much I miss her. But, then I'm reminded of how her own children have grown up (I'm proud of my sisters and brother), and I remember how her children rise up and call her blessed.

Her children arise and call her blessed.
Proverbs 31:28

On Mother's Day I focus on my four beautiful kids and the special moms God has put in my life. They hold an exclusive place in my life, and stand in the gap where my mother once stood.

I thought I'd introduce you to a few of them. I've been pretty protective of their privacy, and have committed a cardinal blog-sin by not getting their permission first. It's easier to ask forgiveness, right?

This is my grandma. Also known as: Grandma Cuckoo, Granny Goose, Gram, or as we lovingly call her...GRANDMA!!! (She's extremely hard of hearing.) At 91yrs old, she has been a pivotal part of my life. Words can't convey the love I have for her.

This is my mother-in-law, Jane. She is always available to babysit and her competitive nature (wonder where her son gets it?) usually allows us to squeeze a few more days out of her. How blessed am I that she would take time out of her life to make me curtains and seat covers for our kitchen? She is so talented and generous. Because of her we're able to take a trip to Palm Springs. I thank God for her.

This is my Aunt Judy (on the left). The second in line to the matriarchal throne of the family. She has a gift of cooking, quilting, and anything else that includes hot glue, thread, or colorful material. She loves her family passionately and it shows. Did I mention she can speak Slovonian?  Her faith in God is her foundation. I can talk with her about Jesus. Though I'm not as creative, we're still alot alike. I love our phone calls.

This is my Aunt Cathy (on the right, my sister Jennifer is in between them.). The youngest of my mom's sisters, we're only fourteen years apart. She's a new grandma with another on the way. Her kids are her crowning glory and I love to tease her about her obsessive love for them all. She has a knack for finding the most thoughtful gifts ever. My earliest memories are sitting on her lap while she tickled my arms. I share a bond with her that runs deep.

This is my step-mom Linda. She is the beauty from ashes after my mother's death. When Dad married her I was the least bit thrilled. I'm ashamed to admit it-I tried not to like her. But, God had other plans. Over the past ten years, her love for me and my children has grabbed my heart and won't let go. She's shown grace through many an uncomfortable moment. When she discovered I'd be traveling for my book she gifted me with ruby red luggage. When I bounced our 11lb Easter ham on my knee (I am a former high school soccer star, ya know) to get it to the kitchen counter (cheap aluminum pan!) she supplied me with a roasting pan. When I've struggled with hurts and fears she's called and sent cards full of prayers and scriptures pointing me to the only One who can lift pain and burdens. What a gift she is to me.

These amazing women have played a big part in my own mom-journey. They cut the path for me to walk on- and were beautiful examples of selfless acts of kindness, loyalty, love, and laughter. I love them dearly.

I pray this weekend your home is filled with tiny clay hand prints and paper clip creations. Remember to take a moment and pray for those moms the Lord has placed in your life.


Mari said...

What a nice tribute to all the special Mom's in your life. You are blessed indeed!

Dawn said...

Happy Mother's Day, Joanne! You've been a blog-mom to me! ;)

Sue Tornai said...

Happy Mother's Day, Joanne. Thank you for all the lovely introductions to the special moms in your life. You touched my hear--again. :)

Angie Knight said...

I LOVE THAT!!! How precious!!!!

YOU are a blessing to each of them I know!

LOVE you dearly!


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