Saturday, June 16, 2012

Brilliant Moments

"Where are you moving?"


"Do you have family there?"


"Is there a job that's moving you there?"

No, actually my husband can't even practice law there.

This is usually where I envision my kids and I living in a van down by the river.

For months, my conversations have gone like this. With a shake of their head and usually much laughter, many say: "Wow. You're going on an adventure. Good for you!"

Which I take to mean: Good for you, you crazy fools.

We picked up our oldest from the airport last night. She's home for the weekend to help us pack and to cheer her brother on at the county fair this morning.

His pig; Kevin Bacon, will be auctioned off in a few hours.

So, why are we moving? My husband would tell you it's for economical reasons. He knows too much about the fiscal future here. If you read a local paper or two, you'll discover my beautiful home-state of California is drowning in a sea of legislative failure.

Just like my great-grandmother one hundred years before me got on a boat and left her precious loved ones in Yugoslavia- I too, want to adventure to a land where my children can have a better chance at getting through college in four years for less than $120,000.00 and where my sons will learn saying yes ma'am and no sir is common.

I won't over-spiritualize our decision. The longer I'm a Christian, the more I know He expects me to walk by faith not by sight. Yet, I believe God has put this on our hearts, given us His word to hang on to and asked like He asks each one of lay down our lives for Him.

Tough to do when you just remodeled your kitchen.

Oswald Chambers said, "We are not made for brilliant moments, but we have to walk in them in ordinary ways."

I want those brilliant moments. I crave those mountain-top morsels. Will my grandchildren talk about their California born and bred granny moving 2300 miles away from everyone she loves for better opportunities for them?

Brilliant moments come when you ignore fear, refuse comfort and trudge through the ordinary.

Today, I'll ignore the fears of not knowing what's in store for us. I'll continue to wrap my life in bubble wrap and newspaper and pray for His peace.

Dear Jesus, help me to show my children adventures aren't to be feared. Keep my eyes off of all that I have here.

I'm ready Lord, send me.


Susan said...

What an adventure!!! Wishing you safe travels and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Kela said...

Good for you! And you're no fool! There are many reasons families move. We had our reasons too.

So! You'll be new Southerners! Welcome to the South, my friend (we're in SC, but born and raised in the panhandle of FL...still southern).

In addition to Yes, ma'am and No sir, you'll need to get a huge mason jar for your sweet tea!

I really like that Oswald Chambers quote! I need to be more mindful of that! :)

Enjoy your travels!

Lisa C. said...

Great post which answered my question from yesterday's post. :-) Okay, so sometimes I have that flicker of adventure but easily fall back into my comfortable shoe....Hey you never know, maybe sometime we'll decide to "pick up and go" and see what someplace else holds for us. :-) Thanks for sharing your reasons, your doubts and your excitement! :-)

Sheri said...

Tough to do when you just remodeled your kitchen....

Terri Tiffany said...

Well good for you! What an adventure you will have! It isn't easy getting used to a new place--been in Texas 10 months and still finding it new. With kids, it gets better:) Enjoy!


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