Saturday, September 22, 2007

My favorite fall destination!

Today we took the kids on our 'September Family Day' to Apple Hill. This is my absolute favorite fall destination. It isn't offically autumn until we have piled into the car and taken the route on this hill from farm to farm eating yummy treats. Since we have lived up here now seven years, all of us have our favorite places to go and our special fall delicacies of choice. Here is the list of what we ate today....and yes, I do feel a little sick to my stomach.

1. Pluebell's Orchard - We stopped at the bake shop and I had my favorite Sour Cream Blackberry Pie slice. The kids shared a few homemade chocolate chip cookies and we walked around the farm area looking at the animals. They had some young piglets that stole the show.
2. Kid's Inc. - Paul is responsible for this stop. He gets their 'Walking Pie' which is a small version of an apple pie. The family that runs this farm originally had five young children growing up there. When the kids were small they complained that they couldn't eat a piece of pie and play outside by their creek. Their mom fixed that problem and created a walking pie that has crust all the way around, like a big baseball but filled with delicious apple filling. They serve it with a hot cinnamon caramel sauce on top...mmmm mmmm! Gracie had a caramel apple there with a candy worm and sprinkles. Samuel got a walking pie too, but shared his with his big sister Meghan and big brother David. I also got a half of a bushel, that is 22 pounds of apples to make some treats at home. The kids are begging me to make some apple crisp.
3. High Hill Ranch - We went there for the 'Fudge Shop' that our son David requested. He had an awesome chocolate covered peanut butter and graham cracker sandwich. I got Paul some milk chocolate honeycomb and Samuel had a rock candy sucker, Meg had dark chocolate pieces and I got a chocolate covered pretzel.

It was a great family day. It drizzled on us a bit but we were prepared and brought umbrellas. I consider us TRUE Apple Hill fans. Neither rain, sleet nor snow will keep us from our favorite fall family field trip!

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Aly said...

Apples and pumpkins and pies, oh my! Sending a warm e-hug around your family today...can't wait to taste some of the apple crisp you're dangling in front of me! :O) Blessings to you and yours.


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