Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Fun Craft To Do With The Kids

I was blown away by how many of you went out and purchased your own Thanksgiving tablecloths this week. It touches my heart to know that other families are going to have this same wonderful Thanksgiving tradition. So I decided to show you a creative little idea I came up with a few years ago (check out picture).

I put paint on each of my four children's hands (they picked out the colors of their own fingers, I mean feathers). Next I pressed their painted hands against a heavy piece of paper, card stock heavy. Have extra paper on hand in case of mistakes. Our youngest was three years old when we did this and he just couldn't figure out how to open his fingers. Afterwards, I added a few touches myself like, the eyes, the beak and the turkey feet. I also wrote their names by their hands (I wish I had let them do that instead) and of courss added the month and the year. When I was done I wrote on the bottom, 'God Bless Our Turkeys'

I purchased a nice gold frame to jazz it up and now it is an heirloom that I hang on our wall every Thanksgiving holiday. Just like the tablecloth, with each passing year it becomes more and more precious to me.


Mari said...

I love that. I wish I had done something like that when my kids were young - I'll have to do it when I get grandkids. I'll be doing a tablecloth though!

Jen said...

Those are so cute! I'll have to do that this week:)

Chelle' said...

I'm beginning to feel less and less creative as the days go by.

ANOTHER fun and memorable idea. I'll have to get it done this week as well. :)

CresceNet said...
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CresceNet said...
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Renee said...

If I would have re-read your post, I would have seen that you used fabric pens - sorry! Is there anything else we should know to treat it? Just curious?

momg said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. So original and beautiful.

Joy said...

That is sooooo cute!


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