Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Tradition

"Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving..." Psalm 100:4

Six years ago I was reading a magazine and saw what I thought was a wonderful Thanksgiving idea. The next day I ran out and bought a linen tablecloth and some fabric pens from the craft store. When the holiday arrived, after the family finished their turkey dinner, I got out the pens and passed them around. Everyone took their turn at writing down on the tablecloth what they were thankful for.

As the years have passed, this linen tablecloth has become more and more precious to me. Notes of my family's gratitude, for children, spouses, our country and our God, now dance across the pale yellow cloth. All of the grandma’s and grandpa’s in our family have signed it, each small child has outlined his or her hand on it. Now every Thanksgiving you will find guests gathering around the table reading and laughing at the memories. The children who are too young to read, look to find their handprints to see how much they may have grown.

Getting to read messages left by relatives and friends every year is something I am so thankful for. Though they may not be able to share in person each and every turkey dinner with us, their words remain to touch our hearts and to remind me to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for each and every one of them.


Fran said...

I am all but trying to contain myself by not acting like a foot all alone in my house but can I just scream....."I'M SO GLAD YOU FOUND MY BLOG AND NOW I'VE FOUND YOURS!!!!!!" Thank you sweet friend for emailing me. I cannot tell you how my heart completely melted and I'm still just grinning from ear to ear as I type this. What a blessing to have "met" you and be connected in this world of blogs. Thank you Jesus!!!

I absolutely love what you have done as your Thanksgiving tradition. It is just priceless to say the least!!!

I will now say "have a fantastic day" and go back to your blog and read every last word. I'll check on you every day!!

Much love to you!!

Fran said...

Um excuse me...not a foot HELLO?!! but a fool...trying not to act like a fool...I told you I was excited. Couldn't slow my fingers down to type correctly!!

Chelle' said...

I thought I was home for the day but now realize my need to go back out to the store to buy a LINEN TABLECLOTH.

What an amazing idea. I can't wait to start capturing the children's gratitude and hand sizes... Oh the legacy of God that will be found in a tablecloth like this.

Thank you for the great idea.

Jaclyn said...

Hi! I am so glad you commented on my blog so i could find you! Your blog is beautiful and the Thanksgiving idea is amazing...i might have to steal it!
Yes, Grace is a beautiful, beautiful name!!!! Your family is beautiful!

Renee said...

What a precious idea! I think I may just have to try this!
Sweet blessings!

Aly said...

Precious Friend,

You just become more and more endearing as the years pass and I get to know your heart more. I am forever grateful to Jesus for bringing us together as sisters in Christ.

Love you madly,


P.S. Like the ladies above, I'm going to purchase a linen table cloth today!

Erin said...

What a great idea. I'd like to do that with my family. Erin

Sarah said...

What a great idea! Too bad I didn't see this earlier today! I've seen where someone lets everyone sign the tablecloth, then embroiders over the writing.

Mari said...

I love this idea. I'm going to have to look for a tablecloth!

Growin' with it! said...

FABULOUS idea! and it's now on my list for my next trip to the store.

hey, great family pix btw. you look great in red girl!

Terri said...

I love that idea. Thanks for the traditional thought!

Prairie Chick said...

this. is. wonderful! Thank you so much for this beautiful idea. Your blog is so sunshiny and sweet.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

That is a lovely idea - thanks for sharing it!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Love this idea Joanne! I think I might start doing that!


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