Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stockholm Syndrome

Disclaimer: CAUTION,Irritated mom…the following may contain less than loving comments and thoughts. Any lack of adoration or joy is completely and wholly the truth.

Can someone please tell me how I can share in one breath the joys and moment to moment delights of being a mom and all of a sudden BAM!…I can only see through eyes of irritation, frustration and simmering anger!?!

“Can we have anything nice?” Is the constant mantra from my husband Paul. I hear these words when he tries to start our car amidst an array of papers, Mcdonald toys and sticky cupholders. I hear these words when the sound of our children slamming any door in the house, rings in our ears (this includes kitchen cabinets, sliding doors,pocket doors and car doors as well.) I opened our kitchen pantry the other day to find the peanut butter (picture above) with Reynolds Wrap being used as a type of lid-sling for the broken top. What makes this so curiously intersting is this…there is a hole in the middle of the lid, not a crack on the side, not a chip but a hole in the middle of the plastic lid. Do my children have access to some type of drill or peanut butter skillsaw, that I am not aware of? Today when I went to turn on my kitchen faucet, the handle came off in my hand. The guilty suspect is a 13year old boy we call, son. I have watched him use this faucet in ways that would earn a pat on the back from any NASCAR driver.

Irritated, annoyed, frustrated? You bet your tooshie I am. I am starting to believe that when God created these beautiful children that He knew how to manipulate my heart. Everytime I see a toothless grin or chubby arms raised over their heads beckoning to be picked up, I weaken like a bowl full of jello.

It got me to thinking that what I am feeling may possibly be ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Now before you roll your eyes hear me out…I looked this syndrome up in the dictionary.

Stockholm syndrome n. A psychological condition in which hostages or victims of kid-nappings (my emphasis/hyphen added) sometimes develop positive feelings towards their captors, on whom they depend for their survival.

C'mon, admit know it sounds like a completely logical explanation...


Fran said...

Thank you for clarifying what in the world I've been suffering from all these years!! I had no idea!

Lord help us all please!!

Deidre said...

Hi Joanne!
I loved your comment on my blog. You and I have VERY similar testimonies. I, too got married right out of high school that ended in divorce. God then brought me my soulmate and we will be married 11 years tomorrow. Isn't that odd that we're so similar??

That's why I'm so protective about the dating issue and al though it's still early to talk about it with my daughters seriously, I do share often with my Sunday School class.

Thanks again! Have a great weekend.

Aly said...

Ah-Ha! I, too, fall victim to this very syndrome! Although, I would like to know what and how the hole came about...I TRULY would love to hear the story behind it. hehehe... You continue to bless me through your stories and sharing your precious family life. Love, aly

Renee said...

So precious JoAnne!
The blessings and I are headed out to find that linen table cloth in after naptime! ;-)

Sweet blessings!

Public Servant said...

I honestly think God uses us for entertainment. I think He was waiting for you to find that Joanne and then laughed very hard at your reaction. You should realize your children are probably on a mission from God to test you and entertain Him.

Chelle' said...

I left you a message today...but don't see it. It said this, "HILARIOUS! You really are a great writer. The funny, serious, and spiritual. I love it all.

Thanks for sharing this story with me."


(If this one doesn't post... I may well take it personally... I was already rejected from posting a comment on Beth's blog today. )

Renee said...

We bought our tablecloth! I can't wait to begin this tradition with our precious little ones!


Joy said...

Now this is hilarious! Can I second the motion?!


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