Saturday, December 1, 2007

Warning: Blogging Can Cause Pruning

While blogging last night I made the mistake of not waiting until all of our children were in bed first. At 7:50pm I absent mindedly sent one child into the shower, helped one with a spelling test, while unconsciously saying prayers with yet another. 8:00pm is bedtime in our home and I thought ALL of our kids were in bed.

I was still blogging at 8:16pm, when I heard my youngest, Samuel(age 6) scream, "MMMMAAAWWWMMMMM!" My world quickly came into focus as I realized that the shower was still going...with him still in it! I ran into our bedroom and pulled him out of our shower. Soaking wet and wrinkled like a little prune, he curiously looked up at me as I threw a towel around him. My mom guilt was at an all time high as I apologized to my sweet boy, and kissed his cheeks over and over while drying him off. When out of one squinted eye, he looked up and asked, "How long were you going to keep me in there?" I started laughing and hugged him tightly to my chest. He squeezed out of my grasp and with a worried little smile, emphasizing each word, he asked "No, really mom, how...long..."

Mother of the Year 2007? Not a chance...


Mari said...

We do all have our moments don't we? Keeps us humble!

CB said...

I can just hear him!

Mari said...

I am trying to find the song you had playing when it was you anniversary - I think it was Jim Brickman, My one true love. Does that sound right?

Fran said...

That is too funny! Do you know how many times I forget the kids?!
And, I mean that in all kidding.
But, just last night, I told my oldest son who is 11 that I would come in and turn the tv off in 10 minutes and get him in the bed....he was watching some football game...and my hubs and I totally forgot. Poor exhausted kid was sound asleep on the couch at 11. It had been an hour. Oh, how I get sidetracked.

We'll be ok won't we??!!

connorcolesmom said...

That is so funny!! I am so tired at night that I can totally see doing that - hehe!!
I can't believe that your little guy stayed in there so long. I can see mine walking out SOAKING wet and saying that I left him :)
love ya,

Aly said...

I love these precious stories -- it really helps to know I'm not "the only one." Love, a.

Jess said...

Undoubtedly, the cleanest little guy in the county! I'm sure there are many worse things that could be done to your child. :)

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

I'll just say..."Been there, done're not alone!" :-)


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