Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We try to do a morning devotion each day before the kids head off to school. At Grace's request, we are now doing these each morning as a countdown to Christmas. They are a product from Dennis Rainey's 'Family Life Today' organization. There are twelve different ornaments representing twelve different names used for Jesus. I have let the children each take a turn at reading the little devotion inside each ornament and sharing what it means to them. After reading, they get to place the ornament on our Christmas tree.

Our children still have the chocolate advent calendars every night after dinner, but this new family tradition I pray will become a lasting one. It has been such a blessing to bring Jesus front and center where He belongs this season.

**I checked and found out that they no longer sell these through 'Family Life' (they were a gift from Papa and Nana), and I couldn't find them on Ebay or either. Dagnabbitt!**

Do you have a traditional countdown to Christmas that you do with your family???


Fran said...

Well, dagnabbitt is right!!! How wonderful is that Advent countdown thing?!

We are big in giving, giving, and doing for others at Christmas. I am a servant by DNA and I want my kids to be brought up in a home where we are constantly doing something for other people. I believe its a beautiful example of showing Jesus to others......and all year long...not just at Christmas.

They expect us to be doing or serving many times throughout Decemeber and its truly my most favorite thing to do in life.

And, whats for dinner tonight??
HA HA!! I'm poking fun at myself..not you.


Hillary said...

What a great idea! I have seen that before. My friend Sarah's husband works for Family Life and so I'll have to ask her why they don't sell them anymore! How sad!!! That would be a great thing for every family to do! Unfortunately I don't have any countdown traditions but maybe when I have a family of my own I can start something neat like you!

Renee said...

That is precious! I will have to check it out! The blessings would love LOVE that!
We hope all is well there!

covenant mom said...

HI there

we use these too and my kids love them. This year is a rough year for us and there is not much for Christmas and my kids said it's ok mom devotions are our favorite part anyway! What a joy and a blessing! These have been a part of our tradition for 5 or 6 years now. It is very sad that they are not available anymore


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