Monday, December 10, 2007

"Santa, can you please give me..."

...a gameboy." own soccer ball."

...a .22 rifle." Santa told him, "It is a possibility, but you have to promise not to shoot down any of my reindeer."

...a hard bound copy of Gone With the Wind."

Will Santa come through on Christmas morning? Well...I am pretty much done with shopping for the kiddies and I must admit that two of our four children will be disappointed on Christmas morning if they have their hearts set on only this one thing they asked for. I will give you a hint as to who these children are...their names rhyme with 'Famuel' and 'Mavid'....


Chelle' said...

A .22- WOW! You're a better mom than me that's for sure. Not sure how I'd handle that request.

And Gone With The Wind?? Could someone please raise my daughter so she too will desire education over Hannah Montana?

Fran said...

"their names rhyme with 'Famuel' and 'Mavid'...."

That made me laugh out loud!! I'm gonna pray that Famuel and Mavid are too devastated.


Renee said...

Loved the rhyming names of Famuel and Mavid! I am sure Santa knows just what all your blessings need and want the most!
Sweet blessings!

Renee said...

Me again is there a way you would be willing to share your email addy with me! I wanted to send you pics of our THANKFUL cloth - but I wasn't really sure I wanted to share it with everyone - since the names are on it!
Just curious!

Mari said...

Very cute - too bad about Famuel and Mavid, but I'm sure they will be happy with what Santa brings them!

connorcolesmom said...

I laughed at the rhymes with Famuel and Mavid hmm I wonder who that could be :)
I mean come on mom no .22 rifle!!
I was so excited to hear your message today on my machine. I hope you call me on my cell tomorrow. My little guy is in MDO so I take off for errands ALONE but call me!!
I loved hearing your California accent and you probably have no idea what my little southern accent was even sayin' - hehe
Love ya!

Jaclyn said...

i am amazed by Grace's comment about becoming a missionary. All I can say is WOW!


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