Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Question from a Son to His Father...

While cuddling with his father, our six year old son Samuel had a pressing question come to mind.

Samuel: Dad, if you could only pick one son and had to choose between me and God, who would you pick?

Dad: Why that's an easy one Samuel.

Samuel: It is? Who would you pick Dad?

Dad: I would pick you son.

Samuel: You would?!? You'd pick me over God?

Dad: Of course I would. It wouldn't be any fun having God as a son. He already knows everything. I couldn't teach him to throw a ball or teach him how to play baseball like I get to teach you. I would definitely pick you Samuel.

Samuel: (Toothless grin from ear to ear)


Chelle' said...


I would have liked to be a fly on the wall to see that conversation.

Terri said...

Great answer. What a way to make a little boy smile and he'll remember that forever!

Cheri said...

What a sweet moment.

Connie said...

How sweet!

Toothless grins are so wonderful :D

A Stone Gatherer said...

Ahhh.... So sweet! Don't you love daddy/child conversations! Daddy's are so important!!!!!

Beth said...

I think he made the right choice!

Amy said...

I love your husband's explanation. This was great!

Mari said...

That is precious. I was wondering as I was reading how Paul would answer this - he did great! Where do kids come up with some of their questions?

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

What a smart dad!!!
What a cute little boy!!!
What a blessed mommy!

Fran said...

EvenI was hanging on waiting to hear the answer!!!

Too too precious!!!

Good answer daddy!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Loved this!! Absolutely precious!! Samuel(and dad) will remember that forever!

kari & kijsa

elizabeth embracing life said...

Amazing question and an amazing answer. I will have to tuck this one away incase it ever comes up.

Rebekah said...

awwww, how sweet

Mel's World said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet is that? Good job dad for being right on with that one...what a great moment to remember!

Sith Esq. said...

This is a cease and desist blog comment. Your brother is requesting that you cease and desist all extremely heart warming blogs about your children because he is going through a very strong "parent" stage and I just can't take it anymore!

love, Uncle George

Ang baylis said...

I am a dental hygienist and I absolutely LOVE pictures with no front teeth!!!

Angie xoxo


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