Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Cleaning - Yard Style

We spent all day Saturday working in the yard. The kids pitched in and got a good workout too.

My girls are the ones who do all the necessary weeding in our yards. By some cruel twist of fate, all of the men in our family have allergies. Here are the girls in our front yard. Meg had her music on, so the girls were singing. (I weed-wacked and pushed our lawnmower around.)

The men were on the side yard. They were making me pretty happy over there putting in railroad tie steps. We have lived in our home for over seven years now, in that time I have wanted some steps down the slope that goes by my raised garden beds to our backyard. When company comes over in the summer and joins us in our backyard, this is how they usually come down. Watching people surf the dirt hill, slipping and sliding along the way, is not fun to watch. Paul as you can see is pointing. He makes a great dictator, uh, I mean supervisor. David worked so hard for his mom, bless his heart.

An afternoon of working very hard made the kids hot, tired and sweaty. They thought a dip in the icy cold pool was a great idea. They asked if they could jump in fully clothed in their dirty duds. We said, "Sure, why not? Go for it!" Their dad and I counted "One, Two, THREE!" about six times before they all jumped in together. I wish you could have heard them yelping from the cold when they came up for air. We just cracked up.

Ok, just one more picture for mom guys, then you can get your towels!


Jonatha said...

You have a lovely yard & pool! The view from your backyard is amazing! Can you tell I live in a flat land? :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

See you can have fun while you work! Our pool isn't even open yet! We worked in the yard saturday too! Figuring out some landscaping issues!

Kim said...

What sweet pictures. Although, the kids sure look cold in the last picture!! lol

We too spent some much needed time outdoors preppin' for spring.

It was close to 60 here in MN..which was SUPER nice. But, then again, today it's snowing...sigh...will spring every come??


Jennifer said...

In our house it is me and daughter number 2 who have the incredible allergies. My sweet husband actually asked to not try mow anymore because I would be so miserable afterwards. If I try to weed without gloves my hands are certain to break out same for my poor daughter.
That pool looks so refreshing!

Cheri said...

I love how well they all work together. What a great thing!
I bet that water was cold!!

Terri said...

Oh wow, I hope it's warmer by you than it is here - I can't believe they jumped in that pool! Kids can handle it so much better than adults!

Chelle' said...

So So Cute. Seems like everyond had the same idea. We cleaned our yard, weeded, cut grass and sowed some seek this weekend too.


Mari said...

Don't you love to get all that accomplished? I bet those steps looks great. Your yard and pool are beautiful. Cute picture of those cold kids too!

Shelly said...

K K K K K K COLD!!! Looks like the kids had fun with jumping in but looked like they were cole waiting for Mom to shoot the camera. LOL
Very nice landscaping.

Jess said...

Wow, you've got yourself quite a crew and quite a view, from what we get to see from the pix!
(btw - 'bless his heart'... are you sure you're not from the Old South!?!) :)


Rebekah said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day, inspite of the cold water.

Christine said...

I bet they were cold. My kids are swimming in 70 degree water at least once a week right now. Brrr.

SharonB said...

great pictures! what a wonderful crew to all pitch in and work together!

elizabeth embracing life said...

So when is the pool party? I so look forward to when the three younger boys can really get in and do the yard work with me. The kids look like they are having a ball.

valerie said...

Hi Joanne,
I read your comment on Teri's blog and was blessed.
You have a beautiful home and yard.
I love California! I live in flat Oklahoma!
Your family is lovely too and you guys look like you had a great work day....way to get the whole family involved.
Blessings to you today,

Renee said...

I wish we could have some spring yard cleaning - unfortunately we are in the middle of a BLIZZARD today! Ugh!
Sweet blessings!


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