Friday, May 30, 2008


My walking buddy Gina and I make a great pair. After almost three months of an unwanted walking sabbatical (on her part, I was quite fine with the break) we are now walking again together every morning. While she is afraid of animals, I am afraid of large vehicles and the people on cellphones who drive them. Between the two of us we keep our daily exercise routine exciting. The other day while walking up a hill that has fields on both sides of the road, we saw a coyote scamper off into the trees. Gina was so scared that she continued to walk with her head up, looking for the next hidden coyote in the field like she was playing "Where's Waldo- The Extreme Edition". She just knew that another animal was going to jump out, pounce on her and attack. But while looking up she failed to look down. At the last second I grabbed her arm so that she wouldn't step on a very large coiled black king snake. It was already dead but try telling Gina that.

I was hoping that the dead snake would scare her into never wanting to exercise again, but one can't be so lucky.

At 6:15am I will meet Gina at the corner and once again take off on our daily routine. I must admit that I am not as reluctant to walk since our break and my six pound weight gain.

I even did something today that I don't recommend anyone over the age of sixteen do...purchase an article of clothing that I need to do many sit ups in order to wear well.

What in the world was I thinking?!?


A Stone Gatherer said...

UGH.... I don't think my original comment went through!!! I hate that because I can never really remember what I said! I know it had something to do with Coyotes and BIG KING BLACK SNAKES and Yikes!

Jonatha said...

Maybe that exercise is going to your head! Aren't we supposed to buy "bigger" clothes these days - to HIDE the lack of sit-ups? :)

Anonymous said...
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Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

You are brave! I walk inside on my treadmill! then no one has to see me!!! It is not pretty!!!

Cheri said...

I have to say- I wouldn't want to be walking where there are snakes and coyotes either. You two are very brave!

AlaneM said...

Awww, what's a coyote and a snake or 2. If the snake was alive I'da been trying to catch it :)
But I'm weird and like reptiles - we actually had a pet kingsnake before we had kids.

I'm going to start walking next week with my friend. But we have to bring the kids so it's not going to be strenuous or anything. Well, maybe mentally strenuous keeping the kids on track!


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