Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Am I the only parent in the free world with children still in school?!?


connorcolesmom said...

Oh I am sorry about being still in school
We have been out for almost 3 weeks
It has been a JOY!!
Yesterday we stayed in our PJs all day - hehe
I bet you start later than us though :)
Love ya

Ree said...

Nah...mine don't get out until next Thursday 6/19!!

Becoming Me said...

You must live in the North. Cute kid!

Cheri said...

Cute picture! I can't believe kids are still in school. I thought we were the late ones and mine got done last Friday!

Terri said...

My kids got done last week Wednesday but they do start the week before labor day!

Fran said...

Yes. I think you might just be the last parent with kids in school and I sure hope you don't go back til October! :)

He's just darling by the way.

Genny said...

We are out of school, but my son's front teeth look similar to your son's. They've taken a while to come in. Too cute!

Kim said...

Yes...just kidding. Mine was done yesterday.

Cute picture.


AlaneM said...

How could you not smile that big while holding that treat. Yummm!
He's a cutie !

Chelle' said...


That CA life with nice weather year round... it punishes the kids AND parents with that non summerish schedule.

Does it help you to know my kids were never IN school?? Ahhh homeschooling.

It has it's benefits afterall doesn't it?? :0)


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