Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Official!

Well friends, it's official. I may never clean my bathroom again.

Wasn't it enough that I have my own blog, three email accounts and a cellphone? Not to mention a husband, four children, part-time job, dog, cat and a LIFE - more than enough to distract me from my daily household chores.

Listen friends, like most of you, I am a people person, plain and simple. It's who I am, who God created me to be. People like me should never be tempted and given the ability to talk to a new friend in New York, New Jersey or Michigan at all hours of the day or night!?! It's like giving a candy bar to a two year old!

After two weeks of listening to the accolades of Facebook by my so-called friends at my writer's group (the same group of people who told me I just had to start my own blog, then wonder why I don't have time to write my book), I finally took a moment and spent more than three seconds there.

And you know what?


So, it's officially official. I may never clean my bathroom again. For those of you who visit my home, this is your warning, use it at your own risk.

AND... if you want to stay on my nice friends' list, don't breathe a word to me about Twitter, Gaia, Friendster or Myspace...not.. a.. word!


Anonymous said...

Use your gifts and talents to your liking! I'm glad you have your blog...I would have never have met ya! I don't have all those other "things". A blog is enough for me because I know all too well that I would get hooked and my family would never see me!
Just keep the toilet clean...that's enough...right?

Growin' with it! said...

facebook...i'm there! another place to stalk you sista! and the dirty bathroom...if you have ANY number of the male gender in your home, well that's all the excuse you need my friend. especially when they are little and STILL can't seem to make the mark into the toilet!

Sheryl said...

woohoo, just sent you a friend request!! are we supposed to clean our bathrooms??

LaskiGal said...

FaceBook petrifies me . . . like I need another excuse for neglecting housework, making dinner, sleeping . . .

Mari said...

I'll have to look for you on Facebook. Then when you decide to go on TWITTER - you can find me there!

Susan said...

After years of being encouraged (by my daughter & sister)to sign up for Facebook, I finally did it 2weeks ago when a neighbor friend sent me an invite. Now, I am getting invites from my kids friends -I can't stand it!! lol
I almost never go there, but I'll connect with you, Joanne!! I still have to fill out my profile and all that stuff. But I keep putting it on the back burner.

Cheri said...

I love Facebook too!

Jess said...

I think you were wise in keeping your distance... if you notice my status - I finally had to commit to fasting from it completely! At least until I get some things done around here and get my act together and actually get some of my reading done again! It is SOOOO addictive!!! But, SO fun to connect with so many people you never would have imagined ever speaking to again.
(Hope you had a good day with the sweet little baby boy.) :)

a portland granny said...

Good for you for getting on Facebook. I don't like how it works--I'm too old to learn new tricks. Keeping up the blog is about the end of my 'stretchability'!!

I liked reading through the list of prophecies about the Lord's birth. Thanks for sharing that.

I also discovered Marybeth Whalen's site through your post. Did you know she has a cyber book out called "A Recipe for Christimas Joy"? I order it and printed it out. It is just full of great things. I wish I was surrounded, once again, with lots of little ones. I will use it for my own use and for some activities with the grandies when they come to visit.

Love your site. It is always a 'shot in the arm' for me.


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

OH...PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE don't tell me you are on facebook! PLEEEEEZE!!! I was on it for awhile and then went off of it because it took up more of my time!!! Now that I know you are on it, I just might go back on...Oh, the temptation is too much!!!!

I don't think anyone is visiting my blog anymore! Hardly any comments! Maybe the old lady is dying! What do you think! Should I dump my blog, and go back on facebook?? I wish I could find a writers group near me...

Hope you are well!

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

A clean house is highly over-rated!

My sister told me once--when I was lamenting my dusty baseboards--that only women with housekeepers have clean baseboards, blinds or ceiling fans.

Facebook is really fun and even more so now that you have joined! The bathroom will still need cleaned tomorrow...It's not going anywhere.

Angie said...

Sweet girl...ya just gotta learn to say no...just say no. Kidding. Facebook can consume...but if you just watch it and limit yourself---you'll be okay. Stay in the WORD---and spread the WORD---and time for all the other things....will take care of themselves. i.e., tubs, sinks, toilets, floors, laundry, kids, meals, your man, etc. Not necessarily in that order, except WORD as in God---first. (you know I'm not preachin' to ya...but to myself! I HAVE to watch myself!!!)

I LOVE you!!!!!!!!!! Cake??? Want some coffee or sweet tea???

Jennifer said...'re an offical Facebooker!!!

Believe me...between blogs and will never get anything done again...very addictive.

As for the bathrooms...that is what teenagers are for, right? I have just taught mine how to do laundry. Tonight while I was finishing the decorating, he came through and said...I'm starting a load of you or dad have anything to be washed? to my ears!!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I'm on Facebook, but I rarely have time to go there. And that's why I have not joined Twitter!

Angela said...

You MUST look me up on facebook! My maiden name is Luckie, so I am sure that you can find me that way :o) I will be he one with 45 (ok, so just 5) sweet kiddos in my profile pic.

Looking forward to seeing you in da book!

Sit A Spell said...

Facebook, yep, I'm there. I just joined this yr and it is fun, but CAN, as all have said, eat your time! I am very careful about my FB time...I don't do much of the extra stuff that's on there. your, about me...and it is very much...about me : ) Isn't God good?!?

Growin' with it! said...

okay, i can't stand it any longer. is that picture of YOUR bathroom? in real life? cuz if so, i need you to come decorate at my house!

btw...elvis is singing a song i've never heard from him before. soooo nice to hear something other than blue christmas! ahhh elvis!

Greg C said...

I love Facebook too. Several friends of mine were already there so it was just a matter of time before I joined. I am addicted too. I don't care for myspace though. Too much smutt.


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