Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sings My Soul Saturday - FALL

Gratitude, by singer Nichole Nordeman is the one song that speaks the essance of the Fall season to my soul. This is the ultimate of seasons for me. And since Fall officially begins in approximately forty eight hours, I am sharing my ultimate faovire Fall song, Gratitude.

While putting out my Fall decorations yesterday, I had this playing, quite loudly, in my house.

Just beautiful.


He And Me + 3 said...

Her voice is angelic. Thanks for sharing!

Debra said...


What a blessing. I have never heard that song before and it just ministered to me so! God bless you for sharing it with us today!

Mari said...

She has a beautiful voice. Don't you love to have music like that playing while you are working aorund the house?

Jess said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!
I first heard it back a couple years ago. I had Nicole's cd and had listened to it many a time up to that point, but you know how a lot of times, you just hear the music, but you don't really listen to the words? And I just remember heading down the interstate to Target after work one day when that song came on and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Such awesome lyrics! And a reminder a need each and every day.
I love it.

Cathy said...

That is just beautiful. I have not heard it before. I might want to put that one on my blog to share. Thanks ~

Chelle' said...

Love her. Just had her cd spinning in my car yesterday... (and in my office at the pool)

Hope you're having a great weekend.

Starr said...

Love that song!! I was going to place out all of my fall decorations yesterday, but realized I had thrown most of them out when I was in a cleaning mood not too long ago. Mercy! That is why I hate to purge things. I always wish I had kept what I threw away. (when it comes to decorations, that is)
Guess that gives me a good excuse to go buy a few more!
Love ya and miss you,

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

That is so lovely - thank you!

Shermanators said...

What a beautiful song! I haven't heard this one before...thanks for sharing!


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