Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall is on its way!

I can almost feel it, Fall is on its way, and I can't wait! It is my most favorite season of the year. So, I have to share a site that I found while perusing the blogosphere, Warm Heart, Happy Home. I was going to wait until it was officially Fall, but like ice cream, finding out the sex of my babies and the ending of a good book...I just couldn't wait!

After checking out the pictures of this beautiful, Fall decorated home, I personally asked God why this woman was living in my kitchen, the kitchen of my dreams? "There's been a mixup Lord. You have put my cabinets, my oven, and my Southern charm in the wrong home!"

Have you ever reminded God of these types of mistakes?

Thankfully, the lovely gal who God has blessed with this beautiful home, has blessed me by sharing what paint color she used for her walls. I am heading to Home Depot on my way to work tonight to pick up a can of Burnt Almond Behr interior paint to try out on the walls of our soon to be home office.

The kitchen may not be God's plan for me, but surely the paint might be.

Make sure to scroll ALL the way down this site. It is a feast for the eyes!



Angie said...

Honey pie---I got so caught up in reading her blog and looking at the FABULOUS pictures....a whole HOUR passed! (well, not quite.) But anyway...thanks for sharing..

On a funny note...when I first read your top little line grabbed me and I had to read it 3 times before I was quite certain I wasn't learning something via blog that I should have learned via e-mail or phone call! When you said "naming my babies"...I gasped! Then I laughed at my silly self.

I LOVE you girl!

Mari said...

Sounds like my kind of blog - thanks for the tip. I'm heading there now!

Shermanators said...

Hi Joanne,
How random. I was just on Warm Pie, Happy Home (just found her today too...totally addicted!) and I saw your name on the side bar and your blog name caught my attention. I saw Prov31 listed in your fav blogs and just had to leave a message. I live for their daily devotions, and Lysa cracks me up sometimes. It warms my heart when I meet other women involved in Prov31 ministries, plus, you are from California too! :) God Bless! Kelli

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Oh MY! Can we move in right now?! What a gorgeous home and so wonderfully decorated and the pie...the pie - LOL!

Thanks for sharing that. Something to strive for.

Cheri said...

I can't wait to go look!
The perfect paint color is such a great find- make sure you put pictures up of your office when it's done!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Wish I had her decorating DNA. My goodness...she's living my dream!


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Ah, yes. Wouldn't that be nice!!! You heaven you may have that kitchen! Only better. Maybe your mansion will be next to mine, and we won't have leave these comments anymore!!! HA!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

Wow that is a beautiful house! And yes I've felt that way before! We have some friends that we like to call our rich friends with the Town & Country looking home! Everything they have there is worthy of a magazine. But the Steve and I remember they have alot of struggles too, and we believe love grows best in little houses with fewer walls to separate (country song)! BTW I love that burnt almond color. I think that may be the base color in our dining room!

Starr said...

Today was the first "fall-feeling" day we have officially had here in my part of NC. It is wonderful!! I got up early and walked. Then, cleaned up all my porches and the patio and just soaked in the wonderful atmosphere of being outside! It is exhilirating! My favorite part of the year too!
Love ya,


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