Monday, September 15, 2008

It' a small world-wide-web, after all!

I'm convinced that the World Wide Web doesn't feel so very world wide at all. I have made so many dear encouraging friends in the blogoshphere. I now have friends in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Maryland, Tennessee, Singapore, Georgia, New Jersey...the list is long!

A few months ago, while talking with a blog friend from California, Genny from My Cup to Yours, we realized we lived only a few miles apart. We decided we just had to meet at Starbucks. She is such a love. It was Genny who got me my writing job at Faith Lifts, and who also tried to teach me how to add Diggit to my blog, which I still don't fully understand, by the way. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. It was such a blessing to get to talk to another aspiring blogger and writer. I was even more impressed that she never told me that the shirt I was wearing made me look eight months pregnant and she didn't even share on her blog that it took me forever to get her the pictures of us together.

Yep, she's pretty cool.

***And I'm just a little bit curious, have any of you met your blog friends in person? If you haven't, who would you meet if you could?***


Cherdecor said...

Hey, Joanne, I am glad you met your blog friend who lived nearby. I think it would be fun to meet the bloggers. I would like to meet you so the next time I am in California, I might look you up! Don't hold your breath, because I have only been to San Diego on a business trip with hubby. My dream would be to get on a plane every weekend and go see a blogger. How about that dream?

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I met several at She Speaks, but somehow only saw you weeping from a distance in one of those chairs. So, I would really like to meet you and also everyone else who regularly checks in at my blog.


Joanne said...

..hmmmm, I think I only cried once, so it must have been during the "Shadow of Doubt" teaching that Renee Swope gave us on Saturday night.

...or it may have been when I tasted one of those absolutely delicous manna rolls from Heaven!

Amy said...

I would be on my way to Northern California in a heart beat!

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I wish we could meet for coffee. I'd love that!!! Maybe some day!!

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

I really like Genny - she always has encouraging and kind words. Glad you got to meet her!

Like you, I now have blogging friends all over the place. Too bad we can't travel all over to see everybody!

I couldn't even mention just one blogger I'd like to meet. I'd like to meet them all! :)

By the way, is this week going better for you?

Mari said...

I'm so glad you were able to meet her in person. I met one of my blogging friends, Dena, last year when we went to S. Carolina. We stopped at the store she owns and also talked to her on the phone several times. I also met Ginger for lunch. She lives near me and we actually graduated together, but had lost touch until I happened on her blog.
You know, I would love to meet you, Chelle, Cherdecor, Okra... there's lots!

Genny said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for all the kind words; I really appreciate it! And, NO, your shirt didn't make you look pregnant. You looked beautiful. It was so much fun to meet. I'll be looking forward to our next cup of coffee :)

Cheri said...

How fun to get to meet another blogger. I met Ginger for lunch with my sisters Mari and Terri.
I would love to meet you, Dena and Cherdecor and others too!

Pam (Of MapperSnapper.Com) said...

Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for you kind words on my blog! I hope you come back, because quite honestly, I believe I have lost some readers lately by standing up for my beliefs on my blog. But my true friends blog wise are still there ;)

I have met some online friends in person, and found them to be wonderful. I think you just know with some. Right now there are a few I have plans to meet eventually, we just live too far apart right now. One is pretty close though and we will meet this fall most likely. Time has just prevented it. I think you come to know folks, end up talking on the phone and blog friends can quickly become "real" friends! Meeting after a time becomes a natural progression. That being said, I am very reserved with names, locations and such on my blog. Once I trust someone, we usually end up emailing, phoning etc but only after a period of getting to know each other, and those relationships are not always easy to come by. But like anything else in life, I think you know the "real" women and those who simply drop by for the occasional blog contest or something. (* I only ever did one contest, and I did meet some great women because of it though!)

So glad to have found your blog, look forward to exploring it. And as for campaigning, just checked McCain's numbers this morning in my state which is crucial, and he is in a virtual tie here! Woo Hoo! Going up!

Jennifer said...

I know a lot of my blogging friends in person because we all go to church together so we are lucky but there are sooooo many more I would love to meet. Sue @ Praise and Coffee is having a "meeting up" in November and she is close enough to me that I plan to go there and hopefully meet some more Michigan bloggers.
Unfortunately I don't get out of Michigan much. But if I am ever in your neck of the woods I would love to meet you!

Marybeth said...

Thanks for letting me know that For The Write Reason was helpful to you! That means so much! Sounds like you are a blogging friend I would enjoy having coffee with, as we are both writers who are balancing our calling to write with our calling to mother... a delicate balance indeed!

Sandy Toes said...

I just read "my cup to yours" fun to meet someone. Yes, I would meet if we had a lot in would be fun!

Maybe you and "my cup to yours" will be true kindred spirits!
-Sandy Toes

A Stone Gatherer said...

How great for you two! The only bloggy friends I've met are my friends from church! It's hard to pick who I would like to meet from all my wonderful list, but I'm thinking "Your Friend - Cheryl" and Linda from Mocha with Linda, oh and Connie from "Little Red Hearts"!, just to name a few!!!!!

Chelle' said...

Clearly that's a hypothetical question!! I don't actually need to answer that right???

When we got off the phone today I thought to myself, "How in the world is it possible to be such great friends with someone I've never met??"

I've come up with this... IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!! "... in the world..." that is. But in Christ, by His Spirit- all things are possible. Including friendship that spans 3000 miles.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

I popped over here from Genny's blog. Isn't it awesome how God provides us with friends over the net? I live overseas and have only been blogging for 2 months, but I feel God has tremendously blessed me with some blog buddies.

I'm going to spend some time checking out your blog now!

SharonB said...

Meeting a bloggy friend would be fun, but I haven't had the pleasure yet! I did get to talk to one of my bloggy friends on the phone. I think we talked for like 2 hrs!!

Hey!! We will all get to meet in heaven! :-)

Fran said...

Well, of course I want to meet you all!!! :) What a great big wonderful wide world we have.

Happy day my friend!


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