Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who is Your Elizabeth?

It's no secret that us gals are relational. Get a group of women together and we will talk and talk and talk and talk. We can't help it, it is how God has wired us. When I have something big happen in my life, after talking to my husband, my next impulse is to call my girlfriend Celia, my Elizabeth.

When Jesus' mother Mary, was given the biggest news of her life, she had no husband to confide in. Her first instinct after her visit from the angel of the Lord, was to immediately go out and seek Godly counsel from her cousin Elizabeth. Then Mary said, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her. Now Mary arose in those days and went into the hill country with haste, to a city of Judah and entered the house of Zecharias and Elizabeth. Luke 1:38-40

Mary didn't wast any time, she went with haste. The definition of the word haste is; to move with speed, or in a hurry or a rush.

As a Christian woman, who is your Elizabeth? Who do you rush to in a hurry? Who do you seek for your Godly counsel? If you don't have an Elizabeth of your very own, ask God to put one in your life. I have included below a few characteristics to look for in your Elizabeth.

Your Elizabeth should:

Have a steadfast walk with the Lord.
Give Godly counsel in truth and love.
Encourage you in your walk with Jesus.
Encourage you in your marriage.
Be someone whom you desire to learn from.
Pray for you.
Rejoice in your successes.
See your God-given gifts and encourage you to use them.

Your Elizabeth should not:

Gossip with others about things you have shared.
Disrespect your husband or family.
Remind you of past failures, or make fun of your shortcomings.
Pull you away from others.
Discourage you from serving the Lord.
Be in competition with you, or insecure in your achievements.
Take a moment and stop to ask yourself, "Who is my Elizabeth?"

I hope you comment today, I would love to hear more about her!


Michelle said...

My dear friend Christie, of almost 30 years is MY Elizabeth.

Thanks for this wonderful article.

Cheri said...

This probably won't surprise you- but I have 2. My sisters!

Shermanators said...

Beautiful post!

I have a few...my mentor, my aunt and my best friend. They all show me such unconditional love and give solid Godly advice.

I love talking with girlfriends!!

Child of God said...

My Elizabeth was placed in my life about 2 years ago by God. She is always faithful to pray me through my problems and point me in the Godly direction. She has encouraged me more that I ever expected and truthfully is a big reason that I am going to pursue my dream.

Aly said...

Precious Joanne: I've said it before...since Elizabethes don't have to be mutually exclusive, you are most certainly mine. I praise God for allowing our pathes to cross and while my walk is still new (four years), you have been an integral part of my growth in the Lord. You bless me. xo

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Unfortunately, I'm waiting for God to provide one. I've had a couple in the past but for whatever reason they have become mere acquaintances. Not really by my choice but I guess God's as He knows best.

Thanks for your email and clarifying about your book.

Julie D said...

I have a friend at work, Diana, who is beginning to fill this spot. We are able to share our struggles and triumphs, but I don't think either of us are to the point of "Elizabeth". I've been praying for a friend like that.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

There have been "elizabeth's" peppered throughout my journey. As of late, she's my blogging friend Judith in CA. Her wisdom exceeds the norm and her love for Jesus shines forth in every word she offers. I love her deeply, even though we've never met face to face.


Leigh said...

I loved this post! My Elizabeth is my dear friend Emily. I am most encouraged how she gently points out sin in my life and encourages me to repent and reflect on God's grace and goodness in my life. Helping me be so aware of God's grace in my life is one of her strengths! I can't wait to share this post with her.

Thank you Joanne!
God Bless!

Leigh said...

I just saw that people were posting their Elizabeth was more than one person, and so I'd like to add that my "other" Elizabeth is my dear friend Valerie. My dear friend Valerie has been so faithful to encourage me in my walk with the Lord, pray for me and the Lord even used her counsel to help me keep my marriage from failing apart. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me two Elizabeth's! Thank you for letting me post this to thank the Lord for Valerie!

Joanne thank you for having a blog that seeks to be an Elizabeth to us all! What a blessing!

( Okay I promise this is my last comment! :o) )

Debra said...


My Lord has been gracious and given me two Elizabeth's. Daiana and Phyllis. They are my constants. They take me to Jesus when I need it and there is never a tendency for jealousy or comparison. So important. Loved this post!

Blessings to you!


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