Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not-Believing God

Last week I shared with you that I was still unsure about which Bible study I would be doing. I think I also shared with you that we are in the middle of finding a new church home.

Not a fun experience. all.

As my adorably sweet hubby was just about to fall asleep, I decided to have a deep conversation with him.

What? Isn't that when all you girls attempt deep conversations with your husbands?

Me: "Paul..."

Him: groggily, "hmmm?"

Me: "You awake?"

Him: "No."

Me: "Are you asleep?"

Him: "Yes."

Me: "Just falling asleep? Or totally, completely asleep?"

Him: Silence.

Me: "I've decided what I'm going to do about a Bible study."

Him: "...and?"

Me: "I'm going to do a study by myself, here at home. I still have the DVD's Celia gave me and the workbook for the Beth Moore - Believing God study. I have tried to do this study three times, I just need to complete this one Paul...from beginning to end."

Him: Now wide awake.."You can't do a study by yourself Joanne."

Me: "Why not?"

Him: "Because you're too relational. Why don't you see if a few of your friends want to do the study with you?"

God knows my heart. He has placed in my spiritual DNA, the desire to love on the women and learn about His word together. Why wasn't I believing God now?

So, the very next day, not-believing-God, I invited a few close friends. Friends that I knew weren't doing a study right now. And to be completely honest, I figured no one would want to do this study with me. (Don't ya just love my strong, unwavering faith?) First I felt sick to my stomach even asking, then I felt guilty inviting people -figuring they were too busy, didn't have time for the daily homework, needed to be home with their know the routine.

But, I still I hoped they would come.

...then I prayed they would come.

Guess what?

On Monday evening, there will be seven of us doing the Believing God study, here in my home.

I can't even tell you the joy I have getting to do this study with some of the sweetest, most precious women ever.

And you know what?



Anonymous said...

oh- hurray! I'm so glad for you! I completely know the feeling of looking for a church home- I think I've shared a bit of my struggle with you before... We finally found a church home about 6 weeks ago! LOVE IT... it's only taken us 4.5 years to get there :O) I'll be thinking about you and your new study!

Michelle said...

Yay! Gathering of Christ believing friends is just the best. Have fun at your bible study!
Isn't God just so awesome?

momstheword said...

That is so wonderful! I have not done that particular study but my friend did and she loved it.

Angie said...

THRILLED is what I am ! Yes! I have been listening to that very study as I drive back and forth. I buy the Beth Moore studies as our ladies at church does them and when I first started attending our church they were in the middle of that one. I bought it last year and am LOVING it---and it is so POWERFUL! SHE is so full of the Holy Spirit and anointed as she teaches this!

GIVES your faith a HUGE shot of power!

I will be tuning in via blog! So write about it will ya?

Nana 2 four said...

That is a wonderful study. I have the CD audio tapes and have listened to several times just on the way to work. Awesome truths in that study and great application.

Seeking Him,

Cheri said...

That is so cool- I bet those women were just waiting and wondering what Bible study they should do too and look what God did!

Jennifer said...

That is excellent. I love that your husband knows you so well. You will be blessed by that study. Enjoy the fellowship with other believers.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I can't wait to hear all about this study. I need to find a study for myself...

Teresa said...

Hey there. This is an awesome stugy, Believing God. It is totally the word you need to hear from God. it has helped me realize Gods calling for my life, and helped deal with the issues of my strongholds of unbelief. You will be blessed. I encourage you to stay believing God and his promises for you. I am taking my steps as well to start teaching his word. How awesome that you just jumped to it.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm getting geared up for Esther. As facilitator, I often long for the days when I was simply an "attendee". Stil and yet, God allows me the privilege, and I can't wait to gather with my gals come February. Finish it this time, friend. I love that study as I do all of Beth's. I think you will find great joy in being part of a small group in your home.

Love the new look. I'm thinking I need an "update" on mine, but haven't decided what to do.

How's the writing coming? Any new projects?


Fran said...

Hey sweet friend.
I want you to know that I'm beyond thrilled for you. I wouldn't care if it was just me and someone else. I LOVE Bible study but I love having a friend to do it with. I wish I could do it with you. :)

Have a beautiful Bible study!
Love ya,

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Joanne - that is wonderful! God is so good! And I have had many conversations with my hubby when he is sleepy - he does not like it!

I just noticed my blog on your sidebar - thank you!

Have a fabulous Bible study!

AlaneM said...

That is so great, I'm happy for you!!

A Stone Gatherer said...

That is an awesome study! I loved it!!!!!! Can't waith to here what the Lord shows you guys! Watch your present active participles and remember "By Faith...Joanne!"

Greg C said...

I am planning on working a Bible study into my busy schedule very soon. I know I can find time.

Kate said...

I could've told ya that would work out that way...I so wish I could do that study with you. But I know, I have the same thoughts. I have been pondering a parents prayer group where we all get together once a month to pray over our children, kind of like Stormie Omartian's Power of a Praying Parents group, but I guess I'm afraid no one will want to do it. I talked to a friend about it, who has three kids and I thought would jump all over it, and she was totally not into at all, so that really made me feel like a lame-o.

Anonymous said...

That sounds lovely! You've created your own community group right in your own home! Way to go! I wish I had that right now...but I'm not sure where I'd even start. But thanks for the encouragement!

Chelle' said...

Beth's Believing God study is by far, hands down, my FAVORITE study!!! It is life changing.

I am on week 5 of Living Beyond Yourself. I meet Wednesday mornings with 9 other women. It's wonderful. I am excited also to do Esther...

Have I mentioned yet how sad I am that you live in CA? I would make "8" if I lived within driving distance.

Love ya girl.

Lisa writes... said...

I often tell the ladies who join me for Bible study that their presence is God's grace to me. I am called to it; that they would choose to come along is evidence of the Lord's goodness! I'm rejoicing that His grace was poured out on you in such abundance. May He bless your study of His Word with greater intimacy with Him!

Love the new look!


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