Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doya or Don'tcha?!?

When I was a little girl I shared a bunk bed with my younger sister Jennifer. Though I won the coin toss, I still didn't get to sleep on the top bunk. As you can imagine, I was not very pleased with the outcome of my so-called win. Parents can be funny creatures.

It wasn't long before I realized the bottom bunk was a blessing in disguise. I had my very own blank canvas. As a writer this was awesome! Soon this special place was filled with all kinds of teenage thoughts, some would call graffiti, my parents called it vandalism, on the hard cardboard area above my head.

As a Christian, I am still a scribbler- a writer of words and quotes, thoughts and ideas. My Bible has not escaped this personal phenomena. And would you believe that I am married to a man who writes not a word in God's Word? His Bible is as clean as if he bought it today. Mine on the other hand, is filled with love letters from my children, pictures, pressed daffodils, and dates of a Word given and prayers fulfilled.

How about you? Are you a scibbler? Or do you find it odd to write in the pages of your Bible?

So, doya or don'tcha?


LisaShaw said...

Hey precious sister,

We think alike...I'm definitely a scribbler if you will.

Marsha said...

Oh, I'm a DEFINITE scribbler!! Notes, dates, prayer requests and praises, pressed flowers my grandchildren have given me,even a cough drop wrapper with "I love you" scribbled on it by one of my granddaughters (6 years old)during church. The Bible I had before this one is so rag tagged, it was taped together, then it became a loose leaf Bible! I could pass out pages when I would ask someone to read a verse! LOL
I look at my Bible(s) as one of the earthly treasures I want to pass on to my children and grandchildren when I'm gone. I want the generations yet to be born to be able to know what their Grandmother believed in and to know some of my thoughts.
I'm rambling. So sorry. I get passionate about legacy.
Have a blessed weekend.

momstheword said...

The Bible that my husband is currently using does not have any highlighting or underlining or anything in it (at least it didn't use to). He says he does that because he doesn't want anything in particular to jump out at him. He wants it all to be kind of like new each time.

Me? I like having my favorites jump out at me. I still find new things and new thoughts, even in old favorites.

I underline, star, date a promise, or write things God has shown me in the margins.

I have another favorite Bible but I don't use it much anymore. It is old and highlighted, and I love it because it has people's names written in the margin and dates that I claimed promises for them, etc. It's the one I used in my teens and early adult-hood, so it's like going back down memory-lane.

journey of faith said...

Yes, I am a scribbler!!! In fact, my favorite Bible is so well loved that it is beginning to fall apart! I don't think that I can replace it and there are many pages with tape holding them in! Notes jotted here and there... underlined scripture in pencil, pen and coated in highlighter... love this post!!!

My sister and I also shared bunk beds and even though I was the oldest, I slept on the bottom.. I sure wish that we had taken pictures of the 'art' on the cardboard... we spent many a day making bunk bed tents and having adventures... what great memories :D Thanks for sharing, Rhonda

Mari said...

Yes - my Bible is filled with papers and I write in it. I've recently begun writing dates next to passages when I hear a message on it. I love finding little notes pertaining to a passage when I come back to it!
My hubby writes a little in his, mostly unerlining and has no extras in the pages, He reminds me "It's not a storage area"!

Jennifer said...

I do! I also write special dates in the margins like baptisms, births, prof. of faith, deaths, etc. It is neat to stumble across them.

Beth in NC said...

Oh, I'm a total scribbler! The inside of my closet at my parent's house is still full of my writings (ha). I have my bedroom suite from my childhood and I even wrote in the bottom of the drawers (oops).

And yes, my bible is full of highlights, notes in the the margin, words circled and underlined. The pages are practically falling out. Would you expect anything less from me? Ha.

Beth in NC said...

Suite = SUIT. Oops.

Shauna said...

Coming over from Christian Woman Blogs! What a great blog you have here :)

AlaneM said...

I'm a doya for sure!! Lots of underlining references & stuff.

Becky said...

I'm a scribbler, too! I've got notes in the margins, highlights through out my Bible. Not to mention, I have all kinds of papers, cards, bookmarks stuffed into it. Glad I'm not alone!

Susan said...

I've been scribbling in all my Bibles over the years. So nice to take trips down memory lane and be reminded of what the Lord has done. I read in the Daily Bread years ago: "People who have Bibles that are fallling apart usually aren't." Glad to say mine are falling apart!

And I was a top bunk sleeper with my sister on the bottom. I even fell out one night. I practically gave the babysitter a heart attack. No real harm done (but my husband thinks it knocked a few screws loose!)

Anonymous said...

i do, i do! i especially love writing dates next to scripture that really speak to me during special times in my life. i never used to write in my bible. but somehow, i think it wil leave a legacy for my son. he can see how i went to God's word for everything and maybe use my notes to help him along with special times in his own life.

Lisa writes... said...

My previous Bible, I wrote and underlined in. My new one, I can't bring myself to, yet. Don't really know why!

Sue Tornai said...

My Bible is underlined, highlighted and has sentences and paragraphs circled. It has Bible verses on lamenated cards and loose pieces of paper. It has lovely book marks and church programs in it. The other day I dropped it. Besides worrying about my best friend's (my Bible's) injuries, I was embarrassed picking up all the things that spilled on the ground. The things I have underlined and highlighted not only remind me of God's love or principles, I also learn new things when I see them again. I remember as a child I didn't want to mark up my Bible. I wanted to keep it like new. I thought it was more holy that way. I am glad I got over that, because now God's word is like a dear old friend, the kind you never want to be without. Oh, and I have a few of these friends, like your other readers do. They hang out on the bookshelf together until I need them for research. The NIV is on my end table with my prayer journal and devotion books and magazines that get read every day.

Barbara said...

I'm a bible is filled with highlighting, sermon notes in the corners, study notes throughout and so many scriptures outlined and looks like a work of art. The sad part is the binder is actually coming apart because of its age and I can not bring myself to buy a new one...after all...there is a lot of knowledge scribbled in these pages. My husband's bible on the other hand...looks like new..isn't that strange?

Wendy Blight said...

Oh, Joanne, I am thrilled to hear about your study and how God used it. You are an answer to the prayers I lifted those weeks before I taught at She Speaks when I asked the Lord to bring those He wanted to use to "feed His sheep."

I pray you will continue to follow the leadings of your Lord. How He has blessed your obedience. Continue to keep your ear attentivae to His Voice. I pray you will walk in His Truth, further developing His fruit and your giftedness.

As you are at the conference, I pray God will guard your heart and your mind....that you will only hear His voice in your hear. His plans are best for you, and I pray He will reveal them to you. I pray for favor in all meetings you have. I pray you will have rest and peace, laughter and joy.

Can't wait to hear!!



Angela said...

Oh my goodness,,each and EVERY Bible I have has notes, dates, praise, prayers, etc. throughout..and like your hubby, mine is very neat and tidy, not marking anything..and I'm ITCHING to help him out highlighting scripture here and there for him,,LOL

Tea with Tiffany said...

I have to record my faith journey in my Bible. It gives me much strength and hope to know HE speaks. I use all the tools. Highlighters, pens, symbols, ect. I write in almost every book I own.

I'm like you.



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