Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yes. I have a problem.

Ok, I may be sharing too much by telling you this. I am horrible. There is something very wrong with me. In all mom-things like loving my children, making a mean chocolate chip cookie, and telling an academy award-winning bedtime story, I rock.

Unfortunately, there is a part of my Mommy-DNA that has mutated over the years.


Yes, it's true. I hate school field trips. I abhor them actually. There aren't words to describe my deep dislike for all things field-trip. The moment the permission slip makes it home and finds its way out of my child's backpack and into my hands I scream in silence, “OH NO. NOT ANOTHER TRIP TO THE ZOO!"

Having four children means I've been on countless trips to planetariums, science museums, community farms and in our case...Coloma. For those of you not up on your California history, this would be the spot on your map where gold was discovered. Today marked my third field trip to the little town of Coloma.

I know this field trip so well, I can finish the tour guides sentences. “Keep your hands to yourselves. Be respectful. No food, gum, or drinks inside the museum. And, make sure to use your inside voices.”

What are inside voices anyway? Oh yah, that's the voice I use every time my son or daughter shoves a note from their teacher in my face, requesting my presence on a ride from hell with a bus load of children.

Many of whom don't mind, ever.

And surprise, surprise, wouldn't you know it, one of those kids is ALWAYS in my group. Coloma field trip number three was no exception. By the end of the day I wanted to take ...(well, let's just call her “the child who needs a beating”) aside and do her and her future teachers a favor.

Thankfully, this time I refrained.

I may have a mutant field trip gene, but I was still able to plaster a smile on my face when my little girl panned for gold and made a leather satchel to hold her priceless discoveries. I even kinda (I said kinda)enjoyed hiking up the side of the mountain with my sweetie-pie to see where John Marshall is buried.

For the third time.

The croissant sandwiches she made for our lunch were the best I've ever tasted. Even if she did forget to add any mayo or mustard. And hearing her proudly declare to anyone in earshot, “This is my mom!” was pretty neat too. My love for my precious little Gracie was the elixir I needed to get me through my third Coloma excursion and field trip number 4,573,122.

Hmmmm. Maybe I'm cured.

Me and my baby girl in front of Sutter's Mill.


Michele Williams said...

I'm with you! I was a teacher for a while too! Field trips always made me nervous and exhausted! LOL...

Denise said...

You are too funny, lol

Mari said...

I think you're in good company!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I thought I was the only mom who didn't enjoy chaperoning! The only reason I would take time off from work for a field trip was to spend some fun time with my children. But it was hard to do as I was always paranoid about that one or two in my group that were out to enjoy their day away from school how they saw fit, not how the school had it planned. Needless to say, that is one part of being a mom that I don't miss now that my kiddos are in college.


Kristen said...

oh that is so sweet! I used to love when my mom was on my field trips, it was cool then :)

I am so happy you choose me as a blessed blog of the month!! :)

LauraLee Shaw said...

I am SO with you, girl. I REALLY dislike field trips, especially to crowded places. But also like you, I usually find a blessing when I go. Thanks for sharing!

a portland granny said...

I'm with you there....and I was a teacher!! Isn't that awful? About the 29th time we did a walking tour of downtown Portland, or a tour of all of our bridges, or all of the usual trips to the Zoo, the pumpkin patch,all of the museums, etc. I realized I really didn't like field trip days that much. They are exhausting! But I did love the mothers who were brave enough to come with us! So, I know you are appreciated by your kids, as well as their teachers when you go. I suspect you are a pretty good sport!!!! said...

What a great mom you are, sacrificing for your child to do something you really don't like...that is true sacrifice. When she is older, she will so appreciate all the things you have done for her.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Hate them, completely, and end of the year school programs. I've been doing them for nearly 21 years. I'm over it. No guilt included.


Faith Imagined said...

Super funny post! Love it!!!

Lisa writes... said...

I despise field trips and I'm not afraid to own it. I go, but I'm counting down til my field trip days are O-V-E-R!

Sheri said...

"This is my mom!" makes it totally worth it.


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